Parasites in the human stomach: symptoms and treatment

Parasites of the group of worms called, probably, because they survive any tissue in the human body. However, the most common worms that live in the stomach cavity. It's home to a variety of helminths. Infestation of man caused by parasites that can survive in the gastric acidic environment. Parasites in the stomach of a man develop unnoticed, so that the person and it is not clear that he had an unpleasant "tenants".

parasites in the stomach

Feature of helminth infection in active form of parasitism. Worms in the stomach are not forever: they flow, on gastric functions can "travel" throughout the body, live in the lungs, even the heart. Worms in the cavity of the stomach, impairs the functions of digestion, cause comorbidities.

Hidden form of activity helps the worms to live in peace, some of the symptoms of their life the person withdraws to an upset stomach. Symptoms, which characterizes the lesions of the stomach by parasites depends on the type of worms, their localization.

Symptoms of parasites in the stomach in humans

Killed indefinitely phrase: "Wash your hands and face", "do Not eat unwashed fruits and vegetables," violated not only careless kids, unaware of the importance of these actions, but also by many adults who just neglect this issue. Because the parasites settle in the stomach, capable of multiplying with great speed, to live in settlements. Their is so many that they often go along with vomit. It can already be considered severe stage of infection of worms, which should be immediately treated, to give up bad habits and go to tidiness.

After outdoor walks need to train yourself to wash your hands with bar soap. Yes, that's economic, not natural beauty, or fashion a liquid, and a true soap, which laid the components that kill the eggs or larvae of helminths may have settled on the skin during the working day.

If you do not wash and thoroughly wash hands, you can bring the parasites in the human stomach, and the symptoms these peaceful worms is a long show, and will develop in a pleasant environment. Dirty fruits and vegetables "from the garden" grandma, insufficiently cooked products in the home pot be sources of infection.

In the gastric environment, the parasites survive only at low acidity. Feel comfortable helminths in different parts of the intestine, where they freely develop on good nutrition. From the intestine into the cavity of the stomach worms penetrate the stomach permanently remains low in acidity. Active reproduction of worms in the cavity of the stomach causes accumulation of their group, so ascarids live in colonies.

Most often in the stomach cavity technicians to meet the "settlers":

  • pinworms;
  • hookworm;
  • Giardia;
  • Trichinella;
  • ascarids.

Consider the types of worms in the stomach is easily done in the photo, they actually like one-on-one, but you can see significant differences in the structure and forms of attachment to the walls of the organs.

Pinworms cause significant impairment of function of the intestine. In addition, worm infestation causes the deterioration of human health in the form of:

  • vitamin deficiency;
  • anemia;
  • violation of metabolic processes;
  • hormonal failure;
  • reducing cancer protection.

Stomach worms are not digested under the influence of digestive juice and enzymes. Their eggs and larvae covered by the dense shell that protects them from the digestive system of a person. But, active in many propagating, worms from the stomach quietly walking across the intestine, penetrate into adjacent organs of the abdomen, causing a General intoxication of the person, up to coma.

Diseases associated with parasitic infestation

Invasive type of worms causes an upset stomach. From pinworms a man is attracted to sweets, but in the evening, concerned about severe itching in the anus, which rises uncontrollable irritability.

Ascarids cause ascariasis. It is manifested by symptoms similar to prolonged acute respiratory infections. Person long concerned about cough, lost desire, drastically reduced weight.

Trichinella cause trichinosis. It manifests itself in unreasonably prolonged the pain of the head, swelling, a person happen to temperature fluctuations.

Lamblia cause giardiasis. It is expressed in nervousness, irritability, decline of appetite, prolonged healing cracks in the corners of the lips.

Acne causes strongyloidiasis. It manifests itself in long runs from the medications cough, wheezing in breath, departments of sputum with blood. The human body covers a small rash similar to hives.

Symptoms of worm infestation

If the person is infected with parasites, it can be noticed in his appearance, even in the absence of obvious signs. Sick people lose weight, lose weight rapidly. Their appetite plays with them: then lost for a long time, it manifests itself in the uncontrollable craving for food. The person loses weight to a painful appearance, appear dark circles under the eyes, pale skin, red eyes.

At this stage, the worms can feel the symptoms of common ailments:

  • nervousness, anxiety;
  • sleep disorders;
  • gnashing of teeth by night or by day, when man is seriously busy and "distracted, relaxed";
  • allergic rashes on face and body, especially in the neck and shoulder area;
  • strong hair loss, dandruff cannot be cured.

The signs of the General character inherent in the invasion not only of the stomach, and other organs that manifest at a late stage of infection with helminths. Already strangers pay attention to the disgusting smell from the mouth, whatever posts may use the person. In women, the monthly cycle is disturbed, they begin to look for the causes in hormonal disorders. Men weakening potency, acute prostatitis, they are also looking for the reason in hormonal background.

Main symptoms:

  • itching in the anus;
  • constipation alternating with sudden diarrhea;
  • the emergence of rotten smell of urine.

The infected person easily gets tired for no apparent reason, he has a fever and a bad headache. Infestation affects people with reduced immunity, disorders of the gastrointestinal tract fermentation, but unexpectedly, accidentally get infected and it is a healthy person.

In the later stages of infestation, especially in children, appear abdominal pain, similar to pain in disorders of the stomach and appendicitis. Stomach is growling, which is associated with the movement of the worms inside the stomach. If in the acute stage of the recognized signs of worm infestation and not the treatment is directed, the person starts to disturb pains in the joints, muscles, brittle nails.

In the acute stage comes the chronic. This is the period of serious health complications, the body grow a benign papilloma, inside developing malignant neoplasms. It is caused by immune disorders. Worms help the rapid growth of tumors.

Diagnostic and therapeutic measures

The first and most significant is the laboratory examination of feces and smear of anus. According to him, the doctor determines the symptoms and treatment, there are larvae of helminths in the digestive tract. In blood dramatically reduced the indicators of hemoglobin, at the same time increased the level of eosinophils, which confirms the presence of worms in the body.

State of the art diagnostic centers offer enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay, detects the early stages of the disease, trace the dynamics of development. It is a simple and convenient analysis that gives accurate readings. Diagnosis is not expensive, but treatment for helminths conducted in accordance with the results of the survey. In this case, the result of therapy is always successful.

To start the treatment of parasites you need immediately after diagnosis to prevent the condition to serious consequences. Gastrointestinal infestations cure drugs, modern pharmacology offers a lot of drugs for different types of worms, on reception by children and adults. However, to self-medicate is not recommended, you must first be diagnosed. A universal cure for all types of worms does not exist.

At an early stage of infestation prescribed medicine is taken once. This is enough to rid the body of protozoa parasites. With prolonged infestations, the wide spread of worms in the body, the doctor chooses the complex treatment with the use of several highly potent drugs. Even if the worm infestation is severe course and a few pathogenic types in various organs, they are susceptible to modern drugs, any worms in the result of the die are removed from the human body.

Drugs differ in effects on different groups of worms.

Folk therapy

The methods of traditional therapy are used as strengthening the basic medical treatment. With them found other worms, not identified in the analyses. The popular treatment uses plant, common in cooking, but many people just do not know about their healing effects. They share the important property of the taste – bitterness, which is detrimental effect on all worms.

The most common recipes:

  1. A mixture of flax and clove. Preparation: 100 grams of dry flax seeds, 10 g of clove seeds mix and grind to a powder. Take 25 g of powder 5 times a day, 3 days in 3 days. The General course of the month.
  2. Ginger powder with water. Method of preparation: grind the dry ginger powder, 1 tsp of the powder mixed with 50 g of water. Take in the morning on an empty stomach. A good remedy against ascarids and Giardia. Applications of ginger from helminth – marinated, fresh, in the form of alcoholic tinctures. You can brew a fragrant tea of ginger combined with other herbs. In any case, the ginger will do the trick for the expulsion of worms.
  3. Garlic expels all worms which live in the space of the stomach. Long and widely known means of prevention from a variety of helminths, their larvae. Ingredients for the preparation of the drug: 2 heads of garlic, 1 lemon, 2 tsp honey, 1 liter of boiled water. Method of cooking: chop the garlic, the lemon and finely chop, mix all ingredients. Infusion is not required, you can immediately begin receiving mixture: 3-4 p per day for 3 days, with breaks of 4-5 days. Avoid prolonged application of the mixture, it has a preventive effect.
  4. Enema salt and soda. Method preparation of solution: prepare the saline solution at the rate of 15 g of salt per 1 liter of water, heated to a warm state until you dissolve all the salt, then add 15 g of baking soda and put an enema. It is desirable to keep the liquid at least half an hour; with a small break to get an enema again. If you see a lot of mucous clots, the procedure is done correctly.

Prevention of infection with worms


Prevention is strict adherence to ordinary rules of sanitation. You need to constantly carry out cleaning of the apartment; to properly handle meat and fish in their cooking; it is good to wash vegetables, berries, fruits, rinse them with boiling water; drink only boiled water.

On the walk not to play with stray cats and dogs, after a walk to wash hands with soap. Pets should be put on record at the vet to spend their prevention against worms 2 times a year.

Hiking in the woods you need to carefully conceal the skin to biting insects is not moved of helminths with the help of the bite. Regularly pass medical examination, to be tested. These rules are not hard and everyone should take care of your health.