How to get rid of parasites with folk remedies

folk remedies for the treatment of parasites in the body

Is it possible to eliminate worms in the human body with folk remedies or not? Of course, the real treatment for diseases caused by parasitic worms must be done by a parasitologist. This medical specialty is quite rare.

What if that doctor doesn't exist? How can you rid the body of parasites with folk remedies?

About folk remedies

To get rid of body parasites with folk remedies, of course, you can try, but nothing more. In fact, an indicator of a deworming performed correctly is the absence (and triple) of signs of helminths and their eggs in the test material, or negative results of serological diagnoses, for example, by the ELISA method. Of course, before treatment, the parasite must be identified and, after treatment, it must disappear.

Eliminating parasites by folk remedies does not in any way provide for a control test. You can give up the diagnosis: the overwhelming majority of people who take folk remedies don't even know what they are taking.

Therefore, at home, you cannot rid the body of the parasites, but take folk remedies that can cause some discomfort to the parasite, if any. There are, for example, parasitic cysts in echinococcosis in the brain, with a membrane so dense that even the drugs that pass through it have no effect on the larvae: they must be removed promptly. Therefore, the claim that some folk remedies can eliminate parasites is largely conditional.

Medicines that help

how to get rid of parasites with pumpkin seeds

However, many herbal remedies can provide all possible assistance in complex therapies, if taken together with medications prescribed by a doctor, with a well-established diagnosis. Which herbs can be used to remove parasites from the body?

The following medicinal plants are anthelmintic:

  • pumpkin seeds. They are not only fatal to the worms, but also tasty. The active substance is in the film that surrounds the seeds. Traditional medicine suggests cooking 100 seeds, dividing them into 4 doses and, at night, drinking petroleum jelly or vegetable oil in the amount of 2 tablespoons. The seeds paralyze the muscles of the helminths and the laxative "expels" them. The only criterion for effectiveness is the detection of immobile worms in faeces.
  • garlic. You can eat a lot of garlic, fresh and as part of the "hrenoder". Some recommend garlic enemas, but they do more harm than good: you can burn the mucous membrane of the rectum and "sweeten" it to a crack or erosion of the anus;
  • absinthe. Bitter wormwood has long been considered an appetite stimulant, an anthelmintic. In addition, a litter of fresh absinthe expels fleas from dogs and cats. For the treatment, an infusion of absinthe leaves is used, which can be purchased at the pharmacy;
  • dandelion roots. They contain a special taraxacin alkaloid, which has a detrimental effect on nematodes and tapeworms. It is used as a decoction of dry roots;
  • thyme. This fragrant herb is famous for its essential oil, which is very displeased by parasitic worms - helminths. You can drink tea by preparing fresh parts of the plant and letting it ferment. You can use ½ cup, 3 times a day, for 10-14 days.

It should be clear that, unlike medicines, there is no guarantee that the plant contains the correct dosage of the active ingredient. In addition, its effect, in any case, will be much weaker than that of a medicine. The dosage issue is also not entirely clear, especially for children. It is said, for example - "take a hundred seeds", and that's it. This is all due to the fact that the specific dosage is not clear - how many seeds to take per kilogram of weight.

herbs to treat parasites in the body

In addition, many plants that expel parasites are simply toxic, like the male fern.

Traditional medicine has no idea which substances to choose, so that they only affect the parasite's metabolic characteristics, but at the same time, they do not harm a person. This is the domain of medical science and pharmacology. Therefore, using poisonous herbs within someone's advice, think "seven times" before swallowing your decoction or infusion.

Medicines are deprived of all the conventions and disadvantages that are characteristic of herbal medicine. So, before looking in pharmacies and markets, which herbs remove parasites from the body, just consult your doctor.