Get rid of lice: effective folk remedies

Folk medicine uses the population of our country is very popular. Recipes using natural foods and plants are passed on from generation to generation, including for the treatment of diseases caused by worms. Since ancient times people wanted to get rid of parasites in the body folk remedies. Unconventional methods are considered to be more safe and available, they are suitable for the treatment of various categories of patients, including children and pregnant women. Although official medicine gives preference to the synthetic drugs, traditional methods of getting rid of parasites are often recommended as an effective Supplement and reinforcement of primary therapy. What you can clean the body of worms and protozoa, in addition to drugs – the subject of this article.

folk remedies


Parasites is accompanied mankind for centuries, medical research has established about three hundred species are dangerous for humans. Get them, you can everywhere eat unwashed vegetables, questionable food, bad water, flies, Pets, dirty hands, and t.. D.

Parasites are multicellular (worms) and single-celled (protozoa) creatures that can live only at the expense of the host organism, stabilendam his intestines or other organs, leading to chronic intoxication and the development of serious health problems.

In most cases, it takes quite a lot of time from infection to onset of symptoms suspicious for the presence of helminthic-parasitic infestation in humans. This is due to high ability of "illegals" to survival parasites can fool the immune system, to disguise, gradually poisoning the host organism, and in adapting it to your needs (change in tastes and behavior.). Long stay parasitic creatures is the cause of development of inflammatory diseases, nervous disorders, occurrence of severe allergic reactions, cancer etc. Therefore to get rid of them is a must.

To detect parasites is not always possible quickly using generally accepted research methods. The traditional analysis of a feces on eggs a worm sometimes you have to take 3-5 times. Doctors prescribe synthetic antiparasitic pills only after laboratory confirmation of the diagnosis. As a prophylactic measure in high risk of exposure, you can apply herbal preparations natural ingredients or folk remedy for parasites in the human body. These methods are also used for the treatment of children, pregnant women and other categories of patients who are contraindicated synthetic medications.

Recipes with herbs

Healers know how to get rid of parasites with the help of plants. It is established that worms can not tolerate strong smells, bitter, acidic and leaves the host body with the deterioration of conditions for their stay. What herbs can rid the body of parasites:

popular recipes
  • wormwood;
  • flowers of tansy;
  • calendula;
  • the celandine;
  • watch trifoliate;
  • cloves;
  • lavender;
  • cumin;
  • oak bark;
  • centaury and others.

These herbs can be used separately or in collections, create a customized recipe for better with the help of a professional phytotherapist or in parasitologist. It is necessary to take into account possible allergic reactions, especially in individuals with indications hypersensitivity to plants in history. Preferred is the use of powders of medicinal plants, because decoctions and infusions are absorbed in the stomach, and puluerem form reaches the intestine of critical habitat of the parasites. Approximate simple recipe recipes with herbs:

  1. Triple mixture is prepared from dried and ground flowers of tansy (10 tsp.), herb wormwood (3 tsp) and clove Bud (5 tsp). To be taken under the scheme: on the first day to drink 1 pinch of mixture 1 per day before meals, the next day, 1 pinch in the morning and evening, on day 3 drink 3 pinches before main meals. For the prevention of parasitic infestations take 1 baby a day throughout the year.
  2. Prepare a mixture of crushed in a coffee grinder flax seeds and clove flowers in a ratio of 10:1. Daily added to food or taken separately, 20 g of the finished mixture. Treatment of parasites carried out during the month according to the scheme: 3 days to drink, 3 day break.
  3. Powder prepared from dry wormwood, daily taken in the morning before Breakfast with water, the dose should gradually increase over a couple of weeks, starting with 1/3 of a teaspoon to one half tablespoon. The last dose to drink it every day for 5 days, then 1 once a week for a long time.

Products against parasites

The most effective and safe natural treatment is raw pumpkin seeds, cleaned from the dense rind, but with a green inner skin. They can increase the acidity of gastric juice, so this method of getting rid of parasites is not suitable for people with gastritis and ulcers of the stomach and duodenum. What recipes are the most popular:

  1. Daily adult will eat about 300 grams of raw pumpkin seeds, children of school age, only half of this dose, preschoolers – quarter.
  2. The raw seeds in quantity according to age grind, dilute with boiled water to density of sour cream, then add the table spoon of honey with no top, and stir. Taken daily before Breakfast, a teaspoon for 3 days, after taking a couple of hours to take a laxative preparation.
the raw seeds

Along with the pumpkin to get rid of parasites of the popular methods you can use garlic and onions. They were used by our ancestors for purification of various afflictions. According to the method of Genghis Khan, which is still used, you should swallow without manducatione Cup finely conciderunt garlic, do it better at night, drinking every spoonful of milk, yogurt or juice with pulp. This way you can bring tape and round worms. On the basis of garlic make a tincture, enemas with milk or water.

Of chopped fresh onion can be prepared a slurry with water, allow to stand over night, then drain, divide into 4 pieces and take daily, after a short break, repeat the course. Each recipe requires the advice of a doctor because irritating substances are not suitable for all people.

Prophylactic cleaning of the body from parasites folk remedies, it is useful to once a year lovers of Pets, agricultural workers, and also everyone.

Choose the most safe and effective method should help, not forgetting the simple rules of prevention of infections by worms.