Excretion parasitica infection at home without harming children and adults

Worms can occur in absolutely everyone. Despite the huge selection of medicines on shelves of pharmacies, many people prefer means homemade. This is due to many factors. Cleansing the body of parasites at home can be effective. However, some methods not only do not cause the death of worms, but can significantly harm the health. Therefore, it is useful to figure out how to bring the parasites from the human body safely.

worms in the body

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People are figuring out how to clear the body of worms, often prefer the tools are homemade. Bring worms of the popular methods is possible, but such a safe method of treatment?

Patients prefer the drug home cooking for a reason. Helminthiasis is a disease which if occurs, causes distress in many patients. Not wanting to see a specialist and buy a drug to be treated, in the pharmacy because of the embarrassment many patients decide to get rid of the infection at home.

Another factor for which patients prefer self-preparation – lack of time. Often, patients do not have enough free time to see a specialist. Financial distress may also be the reason why people decide to self-medication.

Medications home cooking called the funds, which are prepared independently and include natural ingredients. Patients often prefer to combine medication and therapy established drug. Experts strongly recommend not to do it. Some herbs that are often added to remedies homemade when combined with pills can cause bleeding or to decrease effectiveness of the medication.

The pest control using homemade can be not only ineffective but also dangerous, in that case, if the grass were collected near roads or manufacturing plants. Natural ingredients have the ability to accumulate heavy metals.

Components collected in the contaminated areas used in the preparation of therapeutic agents impossible.

Recipes for the treatment of worms folk remedies can be found in print publications or on the Internet. It is worth noting that some of them include dangerous components.

popular recipes

Effective as medication, and therapy that includes natural ingredients. However, you should take a responsible approach to the selection of a recipe to prepare.

Getting rid of pinworms in children

Many do not know how to get worms (pinworms), the child in the home. Some parents believe that traditional medicine safer for the fragile child's organism. Pinworms – the worms that live in the small intestine. They meet in preschool children most often.

Bring parasites from the body at home quite simply. To get rid of pinworms, which live in the body of a child, you can use garlic solution. For this bulbous plant is boiled in 250 ml milk until soft. Medicine need to leave overnight to cool sufficiently and ortus. Use this solution in the form of an enema. The necessary amount of the product – 125 ml, enough for a day. Treatment should last at least a week.

It should be noted that this treatment of the body can negatively affect some children. Therefore, before using such medicinal enemas'll need to consult with a specialist.

To bring the body of the child pinworms can also with a bow. For the vegetables medium size crushed and pour 250 ml of boiling water. Before using the tool must be infused for at least 12 hours. At the expiration of this time the tincture will need to drain. The child is given 125 ml of broth daily for four days.


To get rid of pinworms can help wormwood. You can buy it at any local pharmacy. For the preparation of medicinal tinctures need 1 tsp of wormwood pour 500 ml of hot water. Take this remedy half an hour before the main meal three times a day. The recommended daily norm for children is no more than 6 art. L.

Garlic broth

Not all want to withdraw parasites from the body medication. Garlic decoction can be used by people of any age. It is believed that garlic helps for a small period of time to get rid of parasitic microorganisms.

In order to prepare a tincture of garlic for adults, you need to take:

  • 7 garlic cloves;
  • 300 ml of milk.

To prepare a decoction of garlic shredded on a grater and mix with milk. Weight put on a slow fire and boil for no more than 20 minutes. At the expiration of this time the tincture is poured into a clean container and leave to cool. The broth can be used within a few hours.

Garlic purifying the broth can be used as an enema or drink. Adults the recommended daily use of four cups of liqueur inside. The rate of recovery should last at least a week.

In the presence of an allergic reaction to active components of tinctures, cannot be used.

To clean the body of adult worms can also use allium enema. For this purpose, 250 ml of the product prepared according to the above recipe. Recommended to put an enema every day in the evening hours. The course of treatment should last at least a week.

Pumpkin seeds

Many argue that parasitica species of micro-organisms, namely worms, to destroy cucurbita seeds. Indeed, to treat Helminthiasis by using this product. Pumpkin seeds are also often included in the composition of medicinal products of parasites.

The recipe means homemade, with all the nuances, allows for the shortest possible time to get rid of Helminthiasis, without using drugs. To create tinctures need to take:

  • 310 g peeled seeds;
  • boiled water;
  • a tablespoon of honey.

pumpkin seeds

The seeds should be crushed in a food processor and cover with water in a ratio of 1:1. The mixture should resemble thick cream. The tool will also need to add a tablespoon of honey, carefully stir and leave to infuse. Finished mass allows you to destroy all the worms in the body. Used a lot in the morning on an empty stomach. Over time, you must eat the entire amount. There is no need to rush. We should stretch out the reception facilities on the hour. After some time you will need to drink a laxative to make a cleansing enema.

Tansy against worms

They give preference to drugs, prepared at home. It should be recognized that traditional medicine really helps to get rid of parasites. It can safely be used if the patient does not have an allergic reaction to natural components of a means.

Tansy is a versatile plant that can get rid of many diseases. It is often added to medicines. Use tansy and the fight against Helminthiasis. Medicinal tincture from worms can be used in two different ways. For its preparation you will need to take two tablespoons of dried flowers of tansy, and pour 250 ml of boiling water. Before using infused for four hours. For more comfortable use prepared, the mixture was passed through a sieve. You can use this recipe if you want to use as a drink. Take tincture four times a day for one tablespoon. It is recommended to apply 30 minutes before main meals.

From tansy it is also possible to prepare a solution for enemas. For its preparation it is necessary to take 1 teaspoon of seeds of the plant and fill them with 100 ml of purified water whose temperature is 60 degrees. The solution should stand at least four hours. Ready means cleanse using enemas. The resulting solution is enough for one time.

Helminthiasis in pregnant women

Many do not know how to get parasites from the body of a pregnant woman at home. Expectant mothers are often afraid to use drugs. Many drugs are quite toxic and their use can harm the baby. During pregnancy it is best to give preference to traditional medicine.

A pregnant woman may get rid of parasites with pumpkin tincture or decoction of wormwood. Recipes that include large amounts of garlic, use undesirable. To prepare a decoction of wormwood, you need 100 grams of plants pour 100 ml of boiled water. Drink should infuse for 24 hours. Take the remedy three times a day 1 tbsp the Recipe for pumpkin liqueur described earlier.

Despite the harmlessness and efficacy of traditional medicine, pregnant women before using self-made tools, you should consult with your doctor.

parasites in pregnant women

Components that are part of tinctures and decoctions, may cause abnormalities in some patients. It should also be noted that certain types of worms do not die and do not leave the body after the application of various antiparasitic remedies. In such a situation, traditional medicine is powerless. To remove worms need surgically.

Treatment with bran

Many are trying to figure out what you can cleanse the body of parasites (worms) at home. Traditional medicine is more safe and is great for the treatment of Helminthiasis in preschoolers and pregnant and lactating women.

To cleanse the body is often used bran. Treatment of rough particles of shells of the grains is well established and shows high efficiency. While in the gastrointestinal tract, bran swell up and need lots of water. This component not only destroys the worms, but also cleanses the body of heavy metals and fecal stones. Bran is recommended to take three times a day for 2 tablespoons. It is best to take them half an hour before main meals. Bran must drink plenty of water. Cure should be taken at least a month.

Buy bran at the pharmacy. They can also be found in your natural foods store. It should be noted that the bran is not only useful in Helminthiasis. They can be used to normalize the stomach and restore intestinal health.

Triad parasites

Cleansing from parasites efficiently in the home will help to hold Triad. It is commonly called a mixture of the three components. Triad from Helminthiasis, developed by a highly qualified doctor I. V. Ivanchenko for many years a popular. For its preparation you will need:

  • flowers of tansy (100 grams);
  • wormwood (30 grams);
  • carnation (60 grams).

Each component must be crushed. A mixture of plant required to mix and drink one teaspoon a day. Taking a triad, you must drink small amount of water. This tool can also be used for prevention. Triad has a positive effect on the whole body. This means you can cook or purchase a ready-made mixture.

Traditional medicine is popular because unlike many drugs, it almost does not cause side effects.

Self-made means parasites can be used for the treatment of Helminthiasis in nursing and pregnant women and children.

The recipes described above are well established and have shown high efficiency. However before using recommended to consult a doctor to exclude a possibility of allergic reactions to individual components. In folk medicine there is also one main rule. According to him, the components must be purchased at pharmacies, or collect it in a clean place.