Where they live and how they feed on parasites?

Before you learn how to feed on the parasites (fungi, protozoa, helminths), you might consider the danger that they pose to human health. Because most people still think of parasites as something very normal and natural. In fact, the danger from parasites is much greater, as it is accepted to think.

the real threat of parasites

Parasites in the human body

People don't usually notice the signs that his body appeared lower animals or plant organisms that feed on it. Since the penetration of the parasite to Express symptoms of the disease may take as long as 10 years.

Parasites live at the expense of man, feed on his juices, but you pay for it but secrete poisonous substances and manipulate a man, forcing to consume the food they need.

The real threat of parasites

In the world there are about 260 species of worms that reside in the human body. Of this number, 70 species of organisms inhabit the Russians.

Throughout life, each person bears in itself a parasitic disease, and the vast majority of parasites find in children.

Many parasites are complicated, contain within themselves bacteria viruses. The death of the parasite is dangerous because the release of infection. And people wondered how she could appear.

Accommodation parasitic organisms

The parasites inhabit the bodies everywhere. However, note that almost 95% of all pathologies related to contamination of the colon.

Worms anatomically, their digestive system does not have, and one that is very easily arranged. So their food is well digested and the enzymatic food of the host. Giant varieties (lantecy, apni, etc.). absorb food across its surface.

The human gut is a perfect place for the existence of any parasite. So many of them want to live here.

Love the ducts of the pancreas and gallbladder strongyloides stercoralis, opisthorchis and lamblia intestinalis. Every problem in these organs associated with the move of these parasites.

life cycle of Giardia

Opisthorchis and Giardia, among other things, can be in liver, kidney, lower pulmonary departments.

The rectum is considered the abode of pinworms. At night they come out to the area of the perineum and make there laying their eggs, sticking them to the skin of the buttocks. To morning eggs ripen to the desired stage, causing severe itching sensation.

By scratching the skin of the man puts the eggs under his nails. Getting from the oral cavity to the lymph nodes and blood vessels, they spread throughout the body. Therefore, they are observed in heart, brain and lungs.

A favorite place of settlement of the species Trichinella is a diaphragm, the flexors of the extremities, muscle and adipose tissue of wild boars, bears, domestic pigs. About larvae growing capsule, inside which the species Trichinella leads their way of life for over 25 years. Human infection occurs when eating fat and meat, including minor heat treatment.

The fungus Candida does not cause any reason for concern if you have a strong immune system. But with the deterioration of health in General and treatment with antibiotics with broad spectrum of activity becomes noticeable progress in reproduction and aggression.

Fungi often enter the body through the mouth. From there they are introduced into the blood vessels, damaging their surface. Often become infected with fungus, the elderly and children, so that those that have other immune system weak.

The power of parasites

the power of parasites

Parasites take the nutrients from the consumed food of the owner, namely: glucose, vitamins, easily digestible carbohydrates, minerals. Master gets them to the smallest part.

As a result, the body becomes deprived of potassium, copper, manganese, selenium, silicon and zinc, it appears the deficiencies. Due to a lack of minerals and vitamins is enhanced appetite, the body begins to demand more meals.

Helminths cause pathological processes in the body, causing:

  • direct damage (mechanical damage of the intestinal mucosa and surfaces of the liver, biliary tract, pancreas);
  • indirect damage which corresponds to malfunctions in the immune system and allergic symptoms.

Why the immune system parasites do not "see"? It's very simple. This fact is explained by the phenomenon of adaptation parasites in the body. Among the parasites found such a method, by which their structure of protein molecules is becoming an exact copy of immune regulatory proteins of the host. This leads to a relaxed adaptation of parasites in the body of a new host, quick to justify and smooth reproduction.

This tactic helps the simplest behavior to survive in human for a long time, slowly but surely ruin his health and be invisible.

The person may long to treat the disease, not knowing that constantly stimulates its development.