Traditional methods of getting rid of parasites in the body

symptoms of parasites

Long time worms was considered a disease of dirty hands. But this is not true. To be infected by the parasites can be absolutely anyone. According to the latest data, helminthiasis found in almost all people. Folk remedies from parasites will help to solve the problem quickly and safely.

Natural remedies are particularly relevant for children and pregnant women – many medications are prohibited for these categories because of their high toxicity. Among natural products there is a very famous – wormwood, pumpkin seeds. But there is not as well-known, but no less effective therapeutic drugs.


Preparations on the basis of tansy paralyze parasites that they lose their vitality, are excreted with fecal masses.

Infusion of the flowers of tansy – an excellent anthelmintic. To prepare the medication is not suitable overdried raw, brown inflorescence.


The drug effectively to combat per ascarids and pinworms. Pour a liter of boiling water 25 g of inflorescences of tansy. Insist 50 minutes. To use before meals.

Adult dose – 120 ml three times throughout the day. Children enough to give 15 ml of medication.


The powder of the seeds of tansy is more effective than the aqueous extracts. For children the dose is 2 g for adults – 5 g.

The powder can be taken with or dissolve in water. But the experienced herbalists recommend the use of medications on a crumb of bread. From the pulp and the required dose of medicine to roll a ball, to be swallowed without chewing.


Duration of treatment – a month. Make the powder tansy need on an empty stomach 2 times a day.

Gennady Malakhov notes that water decoction is not reaching the intestines is the place of residence of the majority of parasites. The powder accumulates in the intestine – parasites lose the ability to attach to the walls of the body.


Method helps to combat pinworms – that they hit the lower intestine, causing itching in the anus.

  1. Grind 8 grams of the seeds of tansy.
  2. Clean, chop 1 clove of garlic.
  3. Heat 270 ml milk pour all the ingredients.
  4. The capacity to put on the fire, bring to boil, sit sit on low heat under a lid for 10 minutes.

The filtered decoction should be administered into the rectum, trying to hold the liquid inside for as long as possible. The procedure should be done for 21 days.

Important!Tansy is a poisonous plant. This should always be remember using this plant for treatment


The most famous plant from parasites. The popular name of wormwood – communis. Helps to not only get rid of different worms, but representatives of the coccal flora – Staphylococcus, Streptococcus, gonococcus.

Has a strong, specific flavor that cannot be compared with anything. Since ancient times the Slavs used wormwood to get rid of many diseases, and to cleanse the house from negative energy.

The broth

Boiling water (300 ml) pour 10 g of dry wormwood. Capacity wrap, leave for 20 minutes. Half an hour before eating, you should drink 70 ml absinthium medication.



Grass (75 g) fill the container of dark glass, pour the alcohol (375 ml). Carefully close, put in a dark room for 30 days.

Before applying double-pass through the gauze. Daily intake consists of three doses of 40 drops.


To prepare you need 530 g of fresh, young sage leaves and 1 liter of any oil of plant origin.

Components mix, send for a month in the fridge, stirring every day.

The filtered medium is to be taken in a 10 ml 4 times a day. To swallow at once is not necessary – slowly propositum, until butter will be the consistency to resemble water, spit out.

Medications from Vanga

  1. Mix the dry wormwood leaves and crushed pumpkin seeds.
  2. Pour 100 g of a mixture of 300 ml of alcohol.
  3. For a week to put a container of medicine in warm or under direct sunlight.

Take before lunch and dinner for 25 ml of the tincture for three weeks.

Important! Specialists in psychosomatics argue that the accumulation of negative emotions leads to intense multiplication of parasites in the body and development of cancer.

Medicinal plants

Aspen bark

The product has a low toxicity, it can be used in complex therapy for children older than 4 years. The use of the drug does not cause allergies, getting rid of the parasites occurs gently.

To prepare the tincture to 30 g of bark pour 300 ml of alcohol. Capacity put in a dark room for 14 days, a day tincture shake well.

Ready means to drink 3-4 times a day for 15 ml, previously diluted with an equal amount of water. The duration of the therapeutic course is 3 weeks.


  1. Pour 55 g of feed of 1.6 liters of water.
  2. Let the mixture boil, boil on low heat for 10 minutes.
  3. The capacity to wrap, to insist 3 hours.

You need to take medicine on an empty stomach up to 5 times throughout the day. At once it is necessary to make 2 SIPS.

Black walnut

black walnut

For the treatment of alcohol tincture prepared from the young dried leaves. You need 100 raw pour 950 ml of vodka. For the maturation of capacity should be removed to a dark room for 28 days.


  1. First day – 1 drop diluted in 120 ml of water, to drink in the morning before Breakfast.
  2. Second day – 2 drops for the same amount of water. So take up to 5 days.
  3. Day 6 – 5 ml of tincture to stir in 50 ml of water.

The medicine should drink slowly in small SIPS. If the weight is between 70 to 90 kg number of infusions should be increased to 12 ml. For the more fat people will need 15 ml of medicine.

Important! To get rid of worms will help fresh carrots. It should be consumed in the morning for 120 ml.

Many antiparasitic products can be easily found in every kitchen or in the nearest supermarket.

Pumpkin seeds

The perfect tool for getting rid of parasites in children moms. The seeds can be eaten raw, dried, they can be fried or dry in the oven.

Seeds and castorea oleum

Therapeutic course lasts for 3 days.

In a day you should eat 4 servings of 25 g of untreated ground seeds. An hour after the portion of the seed to drink 5 ml castorea oleum.

Seeds and honey

For children up to 5 years dose of 50 g of seeds. For elder kids, you can give 150 g of seeds. Adult serving should be increased in 2 times.

  1. The seeds along with the peel grind, dilute with water to the consistency of sour cream, add 15 ml of honey.
  2. Medicine to take before Breakfast, to chew. After 3 hours to drink a laxative.

Chanterelle mushrooms


Chanterelles destroy any parasites and their eggs. Curative effect of crude and dried mushrooms.

From chanterelles to prepare the healing potion.

  1. Crushed into powder, 10 g of dried mushrooms.
  2. Pour 150 ml of alcohol.
  3. Insist 10 days, daily quatiens.
  4. Not to strain.

Make the drug should before bedtime 10 ml with sediment. Treatment to continue for 60 days.

If alcohol is contraindicated, can make an infusion of 5 g of mushroom powder and 230ml of water. To wait an hour to drink with sediment before bedtime. For getting rid of worms will take 20 days.


Ginger tea is a storehouse of nutrients, the drink gets rid of many diseases. Helps to get rid of helminthic infestation.

Pour boiling water (240 ml) 5 g ground ginger, leave for 10 minutes. For flavor, you can add a slice of lemon, 5 ml honey, mint, cinnamon, cloves, cardamom.


This vegetable is not very fond of worms. To prepare the medication you need to prepare a paste of one medium onion, pour 260 ml of warm water.

The medication should infuse for 10 hours, it should be filtered, divided into 4 portions. Daily drink one dose of the drug.


This vegetable is a great remedy for the expulsion of parasites. Eating garlic regularly can reliably protect themselves from worms.

Depending on the type of parasite garlic can be used in various ways.


Help to get rid of a filarial.

  1. I need to exercise a large head of garlic, mush wrapped in gauze and placed in a dry teapot. All you need to do very quickly. Because the volatile, quickly evaporate.
  2. Slightly pinch the nostrils, inhale deeply allium spirit. Comes to 4, exhale.
  3. The duration of the first inhalation, 2 minutes. Gradually, the time can increase to 15 minutes.

Every day you must do at least three treatments. Each inhalation should take a new head of garlic.

Horseradish and garlic against Giardia


  • vodka – 500 ml;
  • chopped horseradish root – 55g;
  • the pulp of garlic – 70 grams

Components mix to clean container in a dark room. After aging out. Therapy consists of two-week courses. Every day you need to take 45 ml of tincture in 3 divided doses.

Milk with garlic

milk with garlic

Of these components to prepare a solution for enemas. The tool is safe, suitable for kids and expectant mothers at any stage of pregnancy.

  1. Prepare a paste of one medium allium heads.
  2. Pour the hot milk house (230 ml).
  3. A bowl of medicine to wrap up, leave for 50 minutes.
  4. Filter, for use microclysters.

Children under one year – 25 ml colours 35 ml. Teenagers – 50 ml., Adult – 125 ml.

Water infusion

Effective against many species of parasites.

  1. Prepare a paste of medium head of garlic. Pour 245 ml of water, leave overnight. In the morning drink the medicine, not rising with beds.
  2. With this solution you can soak cotton turundy, to use as candles. Effective even for infants.

Important! The key to fast and efficient get rid of parasites is the use of clean water during treatment in a large number.

Birch tar

Safe means on the basis of the birch bark.

The product can be mixed with milk or honey. 5 ml of the product requires 1 drop of tar. You can drip on rye bread crumb, which follows immediately eat.

After 4 days the dose can be increased to two drops. The maximum dose of 10 drops. Treatment continue until the complete elimination of all symptoms of helminthic infestation.

Birch water

The infection the worms often manifests various skin diseases. For treatment of the affected areas and designed this tool.

  1. Mix 4 litres of clean water with 500 ml of birch tar.
  2. Mix well, remove in 2-3 days in the fridge.
  3. The film, which will appear on the surface to clean. The medicine is poured into another container.

To make this composition you inside, no more than 200 ml per day.

Complex cleansing of parasites

The use of multiple herbs simultaneously allows you to completely cleanse the body of parasites. antiparasitic triad was invented by a doctor from America Hilda Clark. She used to prepare medicine shell walnut, wormwood and clove buds.

Doctor of medical Sciences Valery Ivanchenko adapted the recipe for the Russian latitudes. The result is a Russian triad – medication against parasites on the basis of inflorescences of tansy, wormwood and cloves.

You have to mix the following herbal powders:

  • from the dry inflorescences of tansy – 600 g;
  • from the seeds of wormwood – 150 g;
  • from the flowers of clove – 300 g

Dose – a teaspoon with a small top (1.75 g).

Important! All components increase the secretion during menstruation. Therefore, it is not necessary to begin treatment immediately before critical days.

How to take:

  1. On the first day of medication, you must take 1 in the morning 30 minutes before eating.
  2. The next day you should drink one dose in the morning, the second before lunch.
  3. On the third day and all subsequent week, take a dose before each meal, three times throughout the day.

In a week the body is completely cleansed of parasites. For the prevention time per week you need to drink 3 doses of medication per day.


There are less aggressive recipe of the Russian triad. You have to mix cumin powder, blossoms of calendula and calamus in the ratio 1:2:1.

  1. Single dose of 4 g of medication. Make a similar pattern.
  2. The duration of therapy is 14 days. Then you can switch to regime of prevention.

To avoid helminthic infestation, you need to do a preventive cleaning of the body using any folk remedies. Not only is it important to wash hands thoroughly, especially after working on the land, but to properly handle food. All vegetables and fruit without exception should accende intus stupam with boiling water. Meat and fish without heat treatment – a sure way to catch worms.