Better not to start than to kick: prevention of parasites from the body at home

Parasitic forms in the human body can't only bring a visible discomfort, but also lead to serious complications. That is why it is so important in the first suspected cheats to use special medication.

To drink for the prevention of parasites, speed up the healing process and to avoid re-infection with worms, we will consider in this article. And also a list of popular and safe means for children and adults.

Medicines for pinworms

Bot is a vermis eorum infestatione that can be as people and Pets, the disease can affect any age group. It happens that people are born with parasites, but some forms are able to Express themselves for a long time, at the same time dealing significant damage to internal organs and systems of the patient.

Before you decide how to prevent parasites, it is necessary to consult a specialist to protect yourself from side effects.

If you need an effective cure of worms, which is suitable for adult and child, you can purchase one of the following drugs:

  1. Pyrantel.
  2. Piperazine.
  3. Dekaris.
  4. Mebendazole.
  5. Vermis.
  6. Zentel.

Means plant-based:

  1. Sanaris.
  2. Gelmifag.
  3. Hercules.

This remedy pinworms and askarid sold in pill form. It performs the blocking musculo-nervous system of parasites, they immediately leave the body. Tool used once, preferably after the morning meal.

Drug Pyrantel

The effective therapeutic dose for both adult and child, equal to 0.01 g per 1 kg of body weight. To prevent re-infection, each family member needs to take a tool in three weeks.

The drug is contraindicated to those who have a high sensitivity to component elements. The caution taken by pregnant, nursing and children up to six months.


This is a pill that is considered a very effective remedy for pinworms and askarid. They lead to muskulaturnsq paralysis of the parasites. This tool is used in the course, which lasts 5 days. If necessary, the treatment is carried out again.

The drug is taken twice (before and after meals). The time interval should be 1 hour. A child under one year is enough 0.2 g, adults should be half to two grams.

The remedy is contraindicated:

  1. pregnant or nursing;
  2. lunaticoses;
  3. people with kidney disease.

It is a remedy for pinworms, askarid, intestinal ugrits, whipworm causes paralysis of the nervous system of parasites, and then they leave 1 day. It is forbidden to use the drug for pregnant women, lactating, children under three years.

Tool take after the evening meal, washed down with water. Child quite 0.025 g, more adults will need 0.05 g Additional advantage of the drug – stimulation of the human immune system.


Product disrupts ATP synthesis in Ostritz. It is used once, the dose for a child is equal to 0,025-0.05 g for an adult – 0.1 g. This effective tool should not be taken by pregnant or lactating, children, people with liver disease.

The Drug Mebendazole

The drug has a high toxicity, in the preventive purposes it is sufficient a single dose of the tablets on an empty stomach. To side effects include: stomach pain, heartburn, dizziness.


This expensive drug. It is able to eliminate vermis eorum infestatione, which is caused by various types of parasites. Removed as adults and larvae.

Make it requires one day (one tablet), treatment should occur in three to five days. contraindicated in children under two years of age, pregnant/lactating. The medicine can cause allergies and nausea.


It is an effective cure stops the uptake of glucose in the body of pinworms, because of this, they die and are eliminated from the intestine. A child under one year and pregnant the remedy is contraindicated. The effective therapeutic dose is 0.4 g (use once).

After oral administration, the tool is poorly absorbed, increases the process fatty meal. The maximum drug effect is observed after 3-6 hours after drug administration.

Botanicals from parasites

Sanaris The Drug Of Sanaris

Safe for human health tool which is able to destroy larvae, spores and eggs of many parasitic forms. In the preparation includes mugwort, birch leaves, clove flower buds, leaves, walnut, tansy, garlic and dill.

The medicine helps to cleanse the body from toxins produced by the parasites, thus reducing toxicity and eliminating Allergy symptoms.


This herbal Supplement, which includes grass, yarrow, centaury and cloves. Thanks to this component the drug is active against helminth, it is a great preventative tool for children and adults.

Used for irritability, allergic scriptitant, pain in the abdomen, irregular stool, at high risk of infectious diseases. Taken one capsule 2 times a day.


Parasiticide complex, which contains in its composition of black walnut, tansy, grapefruit, oriole. These plants help prevent the development of bot in the human body.

The preparation is used at different stages of infection of the patient, relieves inflammation in the intestines, improves peristalsis of the stomach, accelerates the process of cleansing from parasites.

Natural remedies

Traditional medicine offers its own methods of treatment for parasites: garlic, pumpkin seeds, onion, tansy, wormwood. It should be remembered that these drugs can make it easier to get rid of pinworms, they are safe and non-toxicus, a great tool in the prevention of parasites.

For many centuries people used improvised folk compositions to eliminate worms that have proven to drinking such compositions:

  1. a decoction of young walnuts, pour the product with boiling water, to insist 4 hours, to cool and drink every day for 30 ml, 3 times a day;
  2. an infusion of elecampane, boil the leaves in hot water, to insist night and take before meals 4 times a day;
  3. the juice of garlic, carrots, onions, beets to squeeze through the juicer, take during the meal, you can still make salads from these products, the main thing is to apply regularly, then no parasites can't live in your body;
  4. it is useful to drink on an empty stomach infusion of powdered bark of pomegranate after drinking a laxative, to effectively clean the intestines of toxins;
  5. take the roots and grass euphrasia, pour hot water, cool and make up to 2 times, morning and before dinner.
Before applying medication for prevention, you need to try to diet different products that contain bitterness and odor.

With this, you can take vegetable and fruit juices, pickles, dairy products, salads dressed with vinegar, pickled vegetables, herbal teas and tinctures based on herbs.

To drink such compositions are not only delicious, but also useful, because many plants strengthen the immune system, strengthen the protective functions of the organism, beneficially influence on systems and organs.

How to drink cure for worms

Water is beneficial in the fight against parasites

Before taking the remedy of parasitic worms need a few days to prepare the body:

  • to perform a sparing diet, eat light meals, gruel, drink more water;
  • make sorbents to clean the intestines of toxins, prepare microflora to the following medication;
  • before going to bed to do the cleansing enema with clean water, this procedure is suitable for both children and adults.

After that on an empty stomach to drink the medicine against parasites, drink a small amount of liquid, and only after 30-40 minutes you can eat. In the presence of parasites in the body, they come out with the feces, sometimes it takes a laxative.

Expert advice

Effective preventive method against parasitic life forms is the use of anthelmintic drugs in 2 doses:

  1. On the first day consumed the pill, the main component of which is Levamisole, aktiviziruyutsya muscles of worms, it becomes more vulnerable to other drugs.
  2. In two days you need to drink another pill (Mebendazole or Albendazole), these means adversely affect the worms, completely destroying them.

Such prevention will be useful to people whose sphere of activity is directly linked to increased chance of infection (rural workers, fishermen, ranchers, chefs, educators in the younger group).

Experts say that the choice of any drug should be trusted doctor to avoid harmful effects on the liver and digestive system.

Note: even using the most expensive tablet today, we can not vouch for the fact that the infection will not happen in the near future, and therefore most efficient to carry out sanitary-hygienic norms, to eat only purified, and thermally treated products, to bathe in the permitted places.

However, specialized doctors agree that constant exposure to risk requires close attention to their health, so it makes sense every six months to use the universal worming drugs.

Take care, follow preventive measures in time destroy the parasites in the body. Do not self-medicate, and entrust your health of a qualified doctor.