The first signs and symptoms of parasites in the body. How to detect

When a person is being tormented by some unexplained symptoms or unrelated (at first glance) the signs of various diseases, he begins to rush between doctors seeking the cause of illness.

pimples on the face

It can also be quite trivial – partibus the body of parasites. While this factor will not be diagnosed, no one treatment will not give results.

The first signs and symptoms of infection

To understand how to identify parasites in the human body, you need to deal with a number symptomatic.

The first signs can be seen visually is the pimples on the face, age spots and premature wrinkles and seborrhea on the head and papillomas on the body.

Breakage and detachment of the nail plate, serous complexion, vastitatem rough skin on the heels also indicate that infection with helminths, ascarids per Trichomonas and other unpleasant "lodgers".

Their presence weakens the immune system. Hence the endless and varied infections, gynecological and urological diseases.

Parasites provoke bursts of pressure and heart attacks. Even mental disorders and cancer can be the result of life within man or that of the parasite.

The main symptoms of parasites

Sometimes difficult to detect in the human body of parasites, as if hiding there for a while. But the immune system is already beginning to serve its signals all possible ways. The main thing — to learn how to treat these symptoms.

Watery stool called diarrhea, is quite naturally associated with the infection of intestinal parasites. But constipation is also be a symptom of their presence inside a person. Because they are able to block and gaps, and channels, bringing inconvenience.


Nature is flatulence is also to defeat intestinal worms, which cause inflammation on the walls. Removing the symptom pills will not solve the problem, and the parasites will continue to exist within years. In the end, completely disturbed peristalsis.

With the gastrointestinal tract seems to be clear, but when dolore tie in the legs with the presence of parasites, not all believe in it. But these "aggressors" actively travel to the body, looking for a secluded places, such as muscle and joint fluid.

Their presence causes inflammation, and then turn on the autoimmune reaction of the body. Hence, there are severe pain in the joints.

A simple, poselivshiesja in the body feed on blood. If a person manifests obvious signs of anemia, and visible bleeding is not observed, then, apparently, he feeds a parasite.

Sudden weight loss in a strong appetite, or conversely, obesity with poor appetite is a serious symptoms that cannot be ignored. Because the parasites are already quite deeply embedded in the human body and "manipulate" it systems.

When parasites failed camur inside, one symptom that will not occur, but the more complex, the harder it is to solve the problem of how to detect in the human body parasites. Thus to penetrate may not one and varius their colony.

Common types of parasites in adults and children

When it comes to the parasites, patients often imagine the usual worms, and do not even think that in nature there are many dangerous pests that can sit inside the body for years, does not prove itself until the factor that spurs them to action.

parasites in children


Pinworms most often affect children, getting into their body through dirty food or dirty hands. Sources of contamination can also be toys (especially soft), utensils, linen.

Once in the intestine, pinworms lay eggs there, which after only 6 hours become full-fledged adults.

The activity of his parasite shows at night, causing the patient itching of the anus, which leads to restless sleep. Pinworm, cum inficiuntur one child, very quickly into the rest of the family.


Ascaris is another worm, which quickly aktiviziruyutsya in children and adults. Here also there is lack of basic hygiene, but infection carriers are flies.

Roundworms are not satisfied with one intestine once in the blood, they spread to all organs, affecting the kidneys, liver, heart, brain. Their fault people suffer from extreme anemia.


Spread Toxocara dogs. Children can become infected in a sandbox where four-legged defecated. If the house lives a dog, all family members have a risk of this parasite.

dogs carrying parasites

The whole difficulty lies in the fact that identification of the pest is difficult for the stool sample – a biopsy is required. Toxocara affect not only the bodies but also the nervous system, causing convulsions and causing mental disorders.


Another simple source of which are animals is Giardia. Most children wonder through the dirty products, crude water, toys.

Giardia can be called the most "harmless" of all the parasites because they are not active.


Bacon and meat products in the body penetrate cepni (bovine and porcine), which are actively striking the internal organs, izyaslau eyes and brain. These parasites can carry a mortal danger.


Decades may be hiding inside the human tapeworm, without giving obvious signs of life. Typical sizes of the parasite – about 10 m.

Thus it gets power, activating the entire surface of his body. Gets tapeworm to the person with bad salsa fish and caviar, as well as from cancers.


Ancylostoma comes into the human being not only through the esophagus the pores of the skin are also a great "gateway".

Its impact on human comparable to the impact of roundworm, but anemia is expressed much more. One of the characteristic symptoms include itching of the extremities.

itching of the limbs

Alveolar Echinococcus and

But the larvae of Echinococcus and Alveoli transformirovalsya, once ingested, the cysts that are deposited on any parts of the inside of a person. The cysts grow, squeezing the surrounding tissue.

Exploding cyst is a serious complication that can lead to serious consequences.

Such a variety of small specimens the most basic levels of the animal world, does not allow the person chance to avoid contact with at least one of them.

Therefore, it is important to know how to identify parasites in the human body, to promptly take all necessary measures to eliminate.

Diagnosis of parasites

To pass stool studies for the presence of helminth eggs had almost everything. About how to detect in the human body and other parasites, thinking one.

One symptoms doctors diagnoses are not put, therefore, requires a comprehensive survey, which allow to thoroughly explore the human body.

Computer diagnostics

Sometimes you need to look inside to find latens there parasite. Modern medical equipment on the basis of computer technology makes such studies are successful.

By using spectral slicers scanning each body, information is processed by the computer and displayed on the monitor screen.

Computer and magnes resonatur tomography able to look into every cell of the body, which makes it easy to detect not only the parasites themselves, but also their larvae.

Tests for the presence of parasites


In addition to hardware diagnostics are performed and laboratory tests. Patients are prescribed not only a stool, but check and bile, urine, blood, sputum. Take a scraping of skin examined prianalnoy area and analyze subungual composition.

Sensing takes the contents of the duodenal tissue, biopsy of organs, connective and muscle tissues. The heavier the patient, the wider it gets the tests.

Other methods of diagnosis

Since the presence of parasites affect the immune system, recommended and immunological studies, which give a large percentage of the detection of protozoa.

Other methods of diagnosis include:

  1. Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay — studying the ratio of antibodies and antigens in the body. This allows not only to trace the dynamics of defeat, but even to determine the species of parasite, "encroached" on people.
  2. PCR diagnostics is the study of problems at the gene level (Fig. we consider the structure of the DNA of the patient). That allows you to detect viruses and protozoa and intracellular "aggressors".
  3. Bioresonance diagnosis — based on the fact that the frequencies emitted by man-made vibrations do not coincide with the frequencies of parasites.

All these methods make it possible to quickly detect parasites in the human body and understand how difficult degree of a problem which it would be possible to prevent, with more attention to their health.

How can you protect yourself and your family from parasites

Not to ask a question about how to identify parasites in the body, a person needs to observe basic rules of hygiene and sanitation, and to teach to the children.


Bringing home cats, dogs and other animals, hygiene requirements should be strengthened repeatedly.

An important role plays the correct heat treatment of foods, their preservation and salty with all the rules. Do not buy meat in the spontaneous markets where it has a certificate of laboratory studies.

Taking into account the features described above (particularly their combination), we should not allow the situation to drift and to self-medicate. It is better to be diagnosed in time to stop the contagion.