How to expel parasites from the body folk remedies?

herbs against parasites

Parasitic worms that reside in the person, causing substantial damage to his health, releasing toxins during life processes.

They drain it, depriving of essential nutrients. Therefore, it is necessary to know how to get rid of parasites folk remedies at home and not to worsen their condition.

How you get rid of parasites in the human body folk remedies?

For the destruction of worms, are widely used medications made from natural ingredients according to recipes of doctors. It is an effective, practically does not cause side effects of the drug.

Antihelminthic therapy should be provided together with the observance of personal hygiene, because of possible relapse and, as a consequence, the re-cleansing of the body. In the presence or suspicion of worms alternative medicine recommends a wide range of antiparasitic natural medicine.


They are a part have a special ingredient – hitimana, detrimental effect on the pathogen Prepared from them a tincture.

It is necessary to grind the raw mushrooms in two large spoonfuls, place 150 milliliters of vodka, put in a cool and dark place for 14 days. Tincture cleanses the body of adults and larvae, pinworms and ascarids.


Medium size onions finely cut, dipped in a Cup of boiling water and insist for a dimidium die. Used three days in a row of 100 ml per day. It is recommended in children with enterobiasis.


Has long been used to destroy different types of worms. Not lost popularity and in our days. Used in the form of decoctions, infusions, juice. Consume it in raw form. Spend klishirovannyh.

Here are some of the most common recipes for combating worms:

  • Garlic juice. Garlic juice quickly and efficiently eliminates pinworms if taken without breaking the circuit:

5 days, drink 10 drops three times a day, 5 days – 20 drops. And so to increase the dosage every 5 days on 10 drops, bringing the number up to one tablespoon. The next stage is the reduction of the dose in the same way that promoted. Drink the infusion of wormwood. As the juice and the decoction is not pleasant to the taste, allowed occupatis honey.

Upon consumption there is a high likelihood of complications

  • Infusion of garlic. Cook two chopped slices of vegetables by steeping in a glass of warm boiled water for 12 hours. Filter and use for klishirovannyh. After each treatment carry out toilet the anus. The course of treatment 5 procedures carried out daily.
  • Garlic juice with milk helps to cleanse the body, if it is applied for seven days, three times a day. To do this, take 250 ml of boiled milk, slightly cooled, and add twelve drops of freshly prepared juice of garlic.
  • Garlic, horseradish root destroys worms without any consequences for the human body. In equal proportions mix the grated horseradish root and finely chopped garlic. The composition of the mixture, pour four cups of water. Ten days kept in the dark and the cool. Filtered through gauze three times a day, apply 20 ml.

Pine cones

From them prepare jam, which is used for purification of worms. For therapeutic purposes adults take a tablespoon in the morning and the evening, from prevention – once a day.

This medicine with pleasure use children in the morning before meal on a teaspoon. Cook a tasty tool for this recipe:


Well-washed small bumps pine green put in a container of water overnight. In the morning put on a slow fire, cook for 6 hours. The bumps is removed, the liquid filtered, pour the sugar in a 1:1 ratio and keep on the stove for another hour. Jam packaged by banks. It should be remembered that this jam is not a treat, and the drug and abuse it is not recommended.

Cucurbita seeds

Treatment of helminthic invasions pumpkin seeds were used in ancient times. And now they are used peeled shredded raw with honey for the same purpose. Herbalist eat in small doses in the morning for two hours, then eat. Later recommend taking a laxative and enema formulation.

And prepare a decoction of pumpkin seeds in a water bath for a couple of hours. Drink it 30 minutes before a meal. It paralyzes the adults and contributes to the rapid excretion from the body.

Basically, the medication prepared at home from natural ingredients do not cause side effects. But you still need to begin to self-treatment after consulting a specialist. This is especially true of people who suffer from various pathologies of chronic and prone to allergic reactions.

Other folk remedies

Alternative medicine offers a broad range of recipes, the use of which helps in the treatment of various diseases. To prevent irreversible changes in the body that develop as a consequence of helminth infestation, you need to use natural remedies:

  • Bitter wormwood. Herbaceous plant is used in comprehensive measures for the destruction and expulsion of parasitic worms from the intestines. Often it is prepared from medicinal agents in the form of tinctures, decoctions, infusions for oral use. They are well tolerated. In addition to the antiparasitic properties that can affect the immune system.

Accepted solution of wormwood half a Cup necessarily on an empty stomach in the morning and before dinner, 30 minutes before a meal. The healing process usually for 14 days. Sometimes the duration of treatment can last up to thirty days.

  • Devastating effect on worms have medicinal herbs that have a sharp, spicy or bitter taste. They are used individually or in combinations to enhance the effectiveness of the impact. To herbs with Sizzling property include: red hot pepper, ginger, cloves. Sour taste is present in the leaves of lemongrass, rhubarb, sorrel. Unpleasant, bitter taste has the herb wormwood, calamus.
  • Pock or wild tansy. This herb possesses strong anthelmintic properties. Especially good results are obtained in the treatment of nematodes. Use it with giardiasis and opistorhoze. Essential oil of tansy block neuro – muscular fibres of the parasite and kill it. It is used in powder form and extracts for purification of toxic substances, waste products of the worms and protozoa.
herbal tea

Is the use of tansy in puluerem will be more effective than decoctions and infusions. The fact that the powder is not absorbed in the stomach, and fully enters the intestine. Settling on the walls of the intestines, accumulates. Allocates a bitter toxic components that kill the worms. Adults powder take a teaspoon, children – half spoon in the morning and evening before meals with water. Possible medicine roll in bread crumb and hirundo. Course duration 30 days.

  • Stone resin. This tool helps to remove parasitic worms from the digestive tract and other systems. Treated with birch tar, the adult and child population in different ways:

Drip a few drops on black bread crumb immediately before use and immediately eat it. The receiving means is repeated several days in a row. Roundworms and pinworms are destroyed for internal use a teaspoon of honey and one drop of tar.

To cleanse the body from helminthic infection, you should drink before bedtime 200 ml of milk with a few drops stone resin. The procedure is carried out for seven days. Then a five-day break and repeat the treatment cycle.

  • Carnation. Clove fruits are shown in ascariasis, enterobiasis in mixed helminthiasis. The herb has antiparasitic, disinfectant, immunomodulatory and restorative action on the organs. Prepared medicines on the basis of the fruit of cloves, contribute to the destruction of Mature worms and their larvae. Deprive the organs from the toxic products of the parasites. Experts recommend to take the herbs in powder within the acceptable dose and to drink water.

To completely withdraw helminths, should adhere to the following rules:

  • Adequate, well-chosen methods of folk treatment.
  • The correct way of life.
  • Nutrition.
  • Observance of rules of personal hygiene and sanitary requirements.

Most people are not aware of the presence in the bodies of parasitic creatures. Worms for a long time can be in person, without displaying any symptoms. But at the same time cause significant harm to the body. For this reason, you should periodically clean bowel, using the natural gifts of nature. This primarily applies to rural residents and people who often come into contact with animals. Timely prevention is the guarantor of well-being.

What to pay attention

A feeling of weakness and drowsiness, chills and sore throat, General malaise such symptoms can cause parasitic microorganisms that live in the small intestine and other organs.

Different types of helminths and protozoa stabilendam in man, cause intoxication of the organism. Thus, the person loses strength and deteriorates health. To cope with helminthic invasion, if the use of natural therapies.

In addition to the use of folk remedies from parasites, there are a large number of different treatments. Most of which allows you to completely get rid of adult parasites, their larvae and eggs. In addition, many of the methods activate the vital processes of the organism and stimulate the immune force.

Before you get rid of parasites, you must ensure their presence and form. Need to see a doctor and undergo all necessary examinations. Only after determining the kind of worm, the doctor will prescribe a comprehensive treatment, which would also include drugs against helminths of plant origin.