Tests for parasites in adults - what and how to take, cost, and decryption

In case of suspicion of infection of the human body worms requires testing for parasites in adults, results can confirm or refute the disease. You can check the feces or blood, identified in the investigated material, helminth eggs, larvae, Giardia or pinworms. Timely diagnostics will help to avoid unpleasant consequences, to cure dangerous diseases.

What is the analysis for parasites

  • through Pets;
  • failure to comply with personal hygiene, dirty hands, fruit, vegetables;
  • carriers serve as cockroaches, flies, mosquitoes;
  • swimming in contaminated waters.

Medical indications for testing for parasites

Doctors distinguish medical indications for testing for parasites in the manifestation in humans following negative symptoms and signs:

symptoms of parasites
  • weight loss without changing the amount of food consumed;
  • itching in the anus;
  • pallor of the skin;
  • fatigue, fatigue, lethargic behavior;
  • problems with the gastrointestinal tract: diarrhea, flatulence, abdominal pain, vomiting;
  • the strongest intoxication, if the worms are developing at an accelerated pace;
  • headache, dizziness, nausea;
  • minor allergic reactions, rash, urticaria;
  • reduced immunity, constant stress, insomnia;
  • may be concerned about the low level of hemoglobin;
  • the increasing pain of monthly in women fail cycle, inflammation of the ovaries;
  • prostatitis, cystitis, risk of impotence problems in men.

Other indications for testing may be periodic preventive check of employees of kindergartens, schools, food companies, canteens, doctors, veterinarians. In the framework of the medical examinations you can pass the faeces to detect worm eggs or ascarids, and the directions prescribed by a doctor to know ELISA properties of blood and the presence of parasites, protozoa and larvae of helminths. What tests to pass on the parasites Mature, helps to determine the doctor for that it would be better to approach the patient.

How to get checked for parasites

To popular way to get checked for parasites that are passing feces and blood. Classical research methods of stool under a microscope or by use of duodenal detects the larvae of the parasite eggs in the liver, biliary tract, pancreas, duodenal ulcer, worm infestation in the intestine. For confirmation of certain diseases checking is used sputum and urine. Simple traditional laboratory methods do not give 100% result, required multiple diagnostics.

To modern methods of research concerns immunological diagnostics, which determines the presence of blood antigens and antibodies to helminths. The performance is assessed according to intensity of infection and stages of infection. This method has high sensitivity, it is 90% informative, detects parasites, determines the type of helminthic infestation, the place of its localization and dynamics of the development of helminthiasis. In laboratories today, both methods are used simultaneously examine the feces for detection of cysts, larvae and eggs plus check blood antigens and antibodies.

To detect the worms in the acute stage helminthiasis used serological method, revelans immunoglobulins resistance to parasites. Combine this kind of diagnosis, x-ray, ultrasound, endoscopy and tomography. Of popular can be identified and PCR method for the detection of parasites with DNA. The latest developments of Parasitologists called bioresonance diagnosis, histological in coprogram, haemo intuens an and in electroacupuncture.

A blood test for parasites

analysis crowie

Modern methods include a blood test for parasites in which there are several subtypes:

  • ELISA – detects antibodies and antigens, the high cost and time-consuming method;
  • haemo intuens an – indicator in the body of the adult worms which their livelihoods;
  • serological parasites in the blood are determined by study of the serum to determine the antibody, but the downside of this method is the difficulty of determining the stage of the disease;
  • PCR in blood, urine, plasma or serum identify parts of DNA molecules or RNA of worms.

A blood test for worms and Giardia

To conduct a blood test for worms and Giardia, does 3 ml of venous blood from the patient and checked for the presence of antibodies and antigens by ELISA studies. For a more precise diagnosis should follow the rules of the material:

  • tests for Giardia in adults taken into the laboratory, it seems the material on an empty stomach in the morning, to the fence are allowed to drink only water;
  • with the last meal must be not less than eight hours;
  • a couple of weeks cancel taking all drugs, if this is not possible, indicate the dose and name of medication;
  • during the day, eliminate from the diet alcohol, fried, fatty foods, don't perform strenuous exercise.

Transcript of blood parasites

Only a qualified physician is deciphering blood test for parasites alone is not worth doing. In the form received from the laboratory specialist determines the presence of antibodies and antigens to pests and disease. The antibodies recognized two weeks after the infection, the antigens immediately. Tests for parasites in adults include the following indications:

  • IgG – show the antibodies that indicate the presence of Giardia or worms in the body;
  • IgA show a signal giardiasis, helminthic infestation in the acute form;
  • IgM antibodies to lamblia, show incursio, from the beginning, which took two weeks;
  • simultaneous maintenance of IgG and IgM indicates chronic disease.

Stool tests for parasites


The classic is the stool test for parasites, which includes microscopic studies on the methods of Thalmann or Fulleborn with the use of hydrochloric acid, or esters of a saturated solution of salt. Technicians examined under powerful magnification feces adult, determine the presence of eggs, larvae or traces of worms. To avoid false-negative results are important the need to triple check. In the normal adult should be no signs of parasites, as evidenced by the result of "worm Eggs were not detected," with a positive result of treatment.

For the detection of pinworm using the method of scraping – apply sticky tape to the anus and pay under glass in the laboratory. A negative result indicates the absence pinworms, and positive presence. The crops of the sample should be taken many times – only half of the cases it is possible to detect pinworms on the first try, 90% identify with the third, and 100% participation – with the final 5-6 repeat. To notice traces of the parasite is difficult.

Stool for Giardia

With a 100% guarantee of the result of the analysis of a feces on Giardia, false positive tests do not exist. During the inspection, the technician examines the material under a microscope to determine the presence of a mobile form of parasites or their cysts. Both types are clearly visible, not destroyed, not disappear, but is better to use for analyses fresh feces. The more time that passes from the moment of delivery to the study, the larger the probability of obtaining a wrong result.

Feces analysis on helminth

Under the microscope the analysis of a feces on helminths adult. Under the powerful magnification and after material processing with special solutions technicians find larvae or signs of the presence of worms. Their presence confirms the diagnosis of invasion, no – shows is not infected. To get 100% result it is recommended to study 2-3 times.

Feces analysis on helminth eggs

To detect traces of round or flat worms will help the analysis of a feces on eggs of helminths. In the material under the microscope look the number and signs of the presence of parasites. To take to research fresh feces, collected without additives and processing. The rate of egg-based worm scan. If they are observed, an adult diagnosed with infection.

How much you need to analyze the feces on yaytseglist


To correctly pass feces for analysis on yaytseglist, use special sterile disposable containers, which are sold in pharmacies or outstanding for free when you receive directions for research. They are not filled more than one-third, or about five grams (half teaspoon). For scraping require a less – applying sticky tape to the anus.

How to get tested for worms

There are characteristics of how to get tested for adult worms to obtain accurate results:

  • tests for parasites in adults dealt with a cancellation for the week of antibiotics, antiparasitic, antidiarrheal medications;
  • it is better to collect feces from different parts of the mass – upper, inner, side;
  • to collect the biomaterial is recommended not later than half an hour after defecation;
  • from the toilet material can not be taken;
  • keep to the mass does not hit the blood, the urine;
  • do not store the jar with the material longer than eight hours in a refrigerator at 4-8 degrees.

For holding the scraping adults do not wash the anus and to defecation. Wear gloves, sticky tape stick to the folds of the anus, peel off and stick to the glass. Another method is the use of sticks with cotton wool soaked with saline – spend it on the skin around the anus, place it into the container without touching the sides, close and turn.

How to test for Giardia adult

To properly test for Giardia adult, you need to make a bowel movement, dial material consisting of not more than one third of the container and to pass it. Better to do it immediately, some laboratories accept it only within two hours of collection, while the material is still warm. How to get tested for parasites adult – the result will not be reliable, if you give the old material.

How much is preparing analysis on enterobiasis

analysis on enterobiosis

During the working day is done the analysis on enterobiasis adult in the case of treatment in a private lab. In the public clinic this process may take up to six working days. Feces analysis on helminth eggs is cooked a little longer – from 2 to 7 days, the blood is examined from 2 to 9 days depending on the laboratory, stage of the disease, the concentration of antibodies and antigens.