How to get rid of parasites in the body medication

Diseases, which are caused by parasites, called helminths. Infestation of worms, of whatever kind, leads to the formation of disorders of General state and development of diseases. In order to solve this problem, a widely used drug for prevention and treatment of infestation.

The main aspects

According to popular opinion of qualified specialists, medications must be used not only to treat an existing infection, but to prevent it. Recommended to drink a course of a certain medication once in twelve months. After completing this condition, the risk of occurrence of parasites in the body can not worry.

Although there is an opposite opinion, which is that drugs, when used with a prophylactic purpose not only does not bring any result, but can cause irreparable harm to human health. After all, people are considered to be sufficiently toxic and can cause adverse reactions. That is why experts do not recommend taking medication to prevent helminth infections.

But despite the inconsistency of these two opinions, yet the majority of scientists are inclined to think that to carry out prevention of helminthiasis drugs is still needed. About how it is conducted, we will now discuss.

General guidelines

For anybody not a secret that to avoid infection with helminths must adhere to the rules of personal hygiene. Special attention should be taken to clean individuals that keep in their apartment or house Pets, because in most cases they become the cause of worms in humans, especially in children.

wash hands

You must also adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. 1 - wash your hands Often with soap and water, especially after using the toilet and after work, which was in contact with the ground.
  2. 2 - Carefully to wash vegetables and fruits before eating and accende intus stupam with boiling water.
  3. 3 - to ensure that meals prepared from fish and meat, were sufficiently well heat-treatment.
  4. 4 - to Apply water only from trusted sources. The best option would be filtering or boiling it before use.
  5. 5 - to Carry out the replacement of bed linen and indusia as often as possible.
  6. 6 - frequent cleaning of premises, especially if there are Pets.
  7. 7 - every three or four months to give the animals drugs of worms.

Drug drug

Treatment of helminthic infestations in humans can be carried out using medicines which have the ability to have a harmful effect on parasites. Some of the drugs have the properties to block the transmission of impulses from the nervous system to muscle fibers. As a result, the worms lose the ability to move and eventually eliminated from the human body together with feces. This mechanism of action have Praziquantel and Piperazine.

Another group of drugs has the ability to negatively affect the process of absorption of molecules in the cells of the worms, leading to their death. This action has a drug called Mebendazole.

There are also drugs that have both of the above mechanisms of action, antiparasitic such funds belongs to the Levamisole.

Due to the clinical effects which show almost all the pills against parasites, they can be used for prophylactic purpose. It feature some of them we now consider.

Drugs used prophylactically

To drugs who suggest to use to prevent occurrence of parasites in adults and children include:

  1. 1 - Albendazole. Shows its effectiveness against such parasites as roundworm, and some mixed infestations of worms. You can use these tablets from parasites even small children.
  2. 2 - Mebendazole. A drug that has a broad spectrum of action. Feature of the use of this medication prophylactically is considered that the selection of doses should be carried out individually for each individual case.
  3. 3 - Praziquantel. Efficiency is used to treat various forms of helminthic infestations. Can also be used for prevention of worms.
  4. 4 - Medamin. Used for the treatment and prevention of diseases such as enterobiasis, and ascariasis trihozefalez.
  5. 5 - Levamisole. Use this medicine for the treatment and prevention of diseases of the human body helminths.
  6. 6 - Vermis. This drug carries a paralyzing effect on the body of parasites, and also has the ability to display the human body, the larvae and eggs of worms. With regard to dose selection, it should be carried out for each case separately.
  7. 7 - Vermoxum. Is composed of such active ingredients that allow you to disturb the absorption of glucose in the body of the worms, leading to their death.
  8. 8 - Pyrantel. Quite effective for the treatment and prevention of helminthic infestations. But in this case it is necessary to consider a caveat, which is that Pyrantel should not take with other drugs that have the ability to remove the worms.
the use of the tablets

Its mechanism of action the drug has the ability leads to paralysis of muscle fibers parasites and eliminate them from the body naturally. As for the dosage, then it must also be individualized for each person.

But in most cases the doctors when choosing a drug for the prevention of worms in children inclined to such drugs as Mebendazole and Albendazole. Because they are different from other anthelmintic drugs high level of security for under fortis child's body.

Cases where the reception of antiparasitic drugs, prophylactic is justified

There are situations when it is necessary to take drugs that help prevent infection by worms, namely:

  • if in the living room resident animals;
  • after the disease, when there is a risk of the balance part of the parasites in the human body;
  • in the case of the presence of parasites in any of the family members;
  • if there is suspicion of the presence of parasites in the body;
  • in the implementation of ground contact on a regular basis;
  • when visiting the children of children's groups;
  • if you frequently travel to different countries;
  • in the case of frequent exits to the outdoors for recreation.

Please note: it is prohibited to carry out preventive measures to eliminate the risk of parasites in the following cases:

  • in the presence of intestinal infections during their acute course;
  • in the case of carrying a child;
  • during menses or climacteric period.

Prevention of parasites should be monitored by your doctor, because self-administration of any medicine, including de-vermis can lead to complications and disturbances of the General condition of a person.

Some of the nuances that need to be considered

The risk groups are people whose professional activity is connected with close per dictum with other people, and also people who have weakened protective forces of an organism.

Some experts for the prevention parasitica lesions is recommended to use natural methods and recipes from the sources of folk medicine. In their opinion, need to regularly eat onions and garlic, and pumpkin seeds.

In any case, preventive measures should be implemented in the complex. That is, except for prevention of parasites in the human body pills, you must also be sure to follow the rules of personal hygiene, eating only lavit fruits and vegetables, drink filtered water and eat foods prepared from meat and fish, which were a great heat treatment.

the doctor

But despite this, the majority of doctors still inclined to think that for prevention you need to use only drugs from pharmacies.

Please note, if you have any symptoms similar to infection with worms, it is necessary to be diagnosed.

For the prevention of helminthiasis need to go to the doctor-in parasitologist, who will provide advice and help find the right drug and calculate dosage. You can combine this prevention and even methods from folk sources, if they cannot help then at least don't bring the body any harm.

The methods of traditional therapy

Not every day people can afford trips to the clinic to consult a doctor.

Of course, this is very bad, however, if it is not possible for some time to visit the doctor, but the situation about the presence of worms is more than obvious, this can help in traditional methods, and most importantly, at home.

With the help of some folk remedies that you can buy in any pharmacy, you can clean the liver and clean the body of any other signs of intoxication from the products of vital activity of parasites.

In order to properly and effectively treat worms, you can use some bitter herbs with antimicrobial action, for example, the same wormwood and garlic.

Garlic and mugwort, are not worse than many tablets and they can help to create the parasite habitat, and most importantly, quite favorable for a person.

Almost all folk remedies can be stored for a long time and they can be used indefinitely, can not be said about ordinary tablets.

As a first-line therapy in the home, antiparasitic is used.

The second stage involves the use of means by which to boost immunity and to compensate for the deficiency in vitamins and minerals.

In order to increase the effect, it would be correct to Supplement therapy herbal, which act negatively not only the worms but their eggs and larvae.

Is to say, not a medical tool of the type capable of such results.

In the treatment of the intestines from the effects of vermin, you can use these charges and herbs:

  1. 1 - a Mixture of tansy and wormwood. This composition is ideal for people, but for adults only, as flowers of tansy is not recommended for children, and wormwood, in overdose can become toxic.
  2. 2 - With the help of elecampane root to treat not only the intestines, but also have a negative impact on the worms, locatam in organs and tissues.

How to prevent infection by the parasite


The lesson can be prevented by observing simple events. All experienced physician known the prevention of parasites in the human body. In order to reduce the risk of infection, must adhere to the following rules:

  • avoid contact with sick enterobiasis;
  • wash hands before each meal;
  • drink only boiled water;
  • thoroughly wash vegetables, fruits and herbs;
  • do not water the vegetables dirty water;
  • carefully boil and to fry meat and fish;
  • to abandon the use of stroganina raw meat, poultry and kebabs;
  • trim nails short;
  • regularly take a shower;
  • do not use other people's things;
  • do not swim in polluted waters;
  • do not walk barefoot on earth and sand;
  • restrict contact with Pets.

Prevention of parasites in humans include carrying out sanitary-epidemiological examination of meat and fish before selling and veterinary supervision.

To protect yourself from them is difficult, because they surround you everywhere. Factors of transmission are food, water, dirty hands, toys, dust, animal dander. Thus, parasites are a danger to humans, and in this case treatment is required.