Cleaning of organism from parasites: methods

Common lately "intestinal flu" (the symptoms of which are fever, aching muscles, diarrhea) is a symptom of infection with trichinosis. Trichinella in the brain lead to mental illness or, at best, to severe allergic reactions. Echinococcus is grounded in the liver can produce swelling and cyst of enormous size.

Protozoan parasites - Giardia, Toxoplasma, amoeba is the slowest of the infection and the most terrible destroyers, they live in the host organism 10-30 years, waiting for an opportunity (weakening severe stress, for example) to instantly provoke some "heavy process": a stroke, heart attack, cancer. Cancer cells - a colony of trichomonads.

parasites in the body

Infection with helminths (worms) are so devastating that even after deworming system for a very long time is cleaned , stored, inflammation of the lymph nodes , increased sensitivity of the nervous system, tooth decay. We present two methods of purification of parasites: the first method of complete purification from parasites Guru Ar , and the second method Semenova purification of most species of small (0.5 mm – 10 mm) worms that can destroy tissue blood and lymph vessels, blood vessels of the brain , bones, muscles, joints, cells of the liver and intestines.

Important: the cleaning of the worms is supposed to happen after bowel cleansing enemas (therapy within 30 days minimum) or in parallel with cleansing enemas on the first day of therapy. Contraindicated alcohol. The meals were vegetarian. Sweet only in the form of dried fruits and honey. Milk exclude. Fermented baked milk, kefir, yogurt, cottage cheese limit. Preferred menu: steamed and raw vegetables, apples, oranges, greens, rice, buckwheat, oats, brown bread, vegetable oil, stewed fish ( well seasoned at a high temperature, because raw fish is the source of the eggs of most tapeworms).

Therapy with sage - cleansing of the body from all kinds of parasites with wormwood

Treatment wormwood kills all the simplest infection in the body, cures insomnia, nervous diseases, restores the metabolism, causing disappears obesity and excess weight. This is a very powerful tool for quickly bringing patients to the order. Wormwood therapy removes almost all inflammatory diseases, especially in patients with lesions of the digestive tract and the genital tract. It is accepted for gynecological diseases, prostatitis, urethritis, skin diseases, stomach, intestine, liver, pancreas, kidney and in many other cases. Therapy is also recommended for future parents at conception.

The course of treatment is 100 grams of dry sage.

Harvested dried wormwood rubbing their hands and sift through a colander. Sifted to swallow in a dry form and not screened will go to the cook in preparations for enemas, douches, drops in eyes, ears, nose or mouth rinse.

Why dry wormwood? In order to pass through the digestive tract and cure all areas. Even fibroids can disappear after 1 month of treatment with wormwood. Wormwood and poisonous. It cleans the body from various harmful living organisms in it — Trichomonas, chlamydia, herpes, Candida, Giardia, Echinococcus infection.

Treatment of bitter wormwood

The first 3 days every 2-2,5 hours to take a pinch of dry wormwood, regardless of the meal. Pinch is not very small, put into the mouth, moistened with saliva and swallow with water. Purification is connected from the entire body. It is very important that the intervals between doses of wormwood did not exceed 2.5 hours. These three days wormwood drink. The next four day, take 5-6 times a day. Night to make no need. In addition, for all seven days, every evening, do an enema, microclysters and douching.

For this a teaspoon with the top of wormwood is poured a liter of boiling water and insist under cover until the water cools to about 40 degrees. Then strain, 100 g of infusion cast, and of the remaining 900 g to make a warm enema. Before bedtime 50 grams of infusion (from 100 g cast) injected a small syringe into the anus and leave overnight (urgency). The remaining 50 g women inject themselves into the vagina, and men in the urethra.

Vaginal douching is preferably carried out in the bathroom, lifting the pelvis (position "birch"), to stand in this position for 5 minutes.

For men, the procedure is more difficult with one hand all the time necessary to squeeze the edges of the urethra to the tip, the other strongly squeeze the contents of the syringe. A decoction may pass to the bladder and fear are not necessary. But with the chronic (or hidden) prostatitis or urethritis on the third or fourth day starts out the pus, which clearly shows the urgent necessity of the procedure. The decoction is taken in fever. These procedures should continue without interruption 7 days in a row. When cold or inclination to colds decoction is instilled several times a day for 7-10 drops in each nostril.

All seven days of therapy to observe a strict diet. Completely eliminate animal and fish foods, dairy products, eggs, confectionery. It is highly recommended not to drink alcohol or smoke. These days we must eat vegetables, fruits, nuts, cereals, butter. Bread limit to 200 g per serving, and there are not fresh, and dried. Without diet therapy will have all her powers.

During therapy, possible weakness and turn all aggravation of existing or hidden ailments that may at some time get sick in your side or joints. This suggests a deep cleansing.

You can douche morning and evening to cessation of all signs of a urinary tract infection. For prevention it is possible to spend treatment 2 times a year — spring and fall. Children can be recommended wormwood — she is without bitterness.

Pregnant women therapy is contraindicated. In case of overdose wormwood can cause vomiting, dizziness.

The second method of purification of parasites (Helminths)

You will need: garlic, Flaxseed and pumpkin oil, pumpkin seeds, oak bark, tansy, buckthorn bark, a wormwood, mug Esmarch, children's enema 100 ml. Main – fighting spirit and diligence in working on their health.

The concentration of the infusion of herbs into the body sufficient to create an intolerable atmosphere for worms individual. Therefore, the number of days of therapy varies from 10 to 40 days. If you don't have to go to work every day, the concentration of the solution can be increased two to three times. This will increase the likelihood of discomfort in the bodies are cleansed in the process of therapy will speed up the process.

In a water bath, infuse 1 teaspoon ( from top) mixture of herbs ( mugwort, tansy, oak bark, buckthorn bark, in equal shares) in 500 ml of boiling water for 15-20 minutes. The grass coarse, you can pre-grind in a coffee grinder and make a collection, as the following mix. On the eye small pinches in equal portions to fill each pot. The prepared solution will last for two doses. Solution can be stored in the refrigerator for a day. Better to take it warm or hot. Make the solution in the morning on an empty stomach 30 minutes before meals and at bedtime two hours after a meal. With the technical impracticability of this condition ( later come home from work) to increase the concentration of the solution 3 times and take once a day. The solution can be prepared in a thermos, Bay grass boiling water for the night.

To drink infusion of herbs 10-30 days depending on the adopted concentration and well-being. On the 6th day of therapy to start drinking "Tykveol" (pumpkin seed oil) 3 times a day tablespoon before meals for 30 minutes. On the 10th - 30th day starts the pain in the affected areas. From this point on will cleaning procedures with enema. Enema should be done with the garlic, when poor tolerability of garlic – with the infusion of the same herbs in very small concentrations. Enema is best done at night or in the morning, or valid and another time, but after a meal must pass 2 hours. To achieve complete bowel lavage: a complete mug Esmarch must be poured into the intestines and eventually lead to dirty emissions. To help release the dirty water better retraction of the stomach, pour water into the intestine gradually, to avoid pain, taking a pose lying on your left side or on my knees, head and shoulders on the floor. This is a long (at least an hour) and time-consuming process, but very important. The anus better to grease with oil of chamomile or linen. Infusion of herbs diluted in boiled water should have the colour of morning urine or a little stronger. Portability is a concentration of garlic infusion to the individual. Start to try with the minimum concentration, increasing it every day twice. At least two large cloves of garlic crush and infuse in boiling water for from one hour to 10 hours. Drain the water from the garlic, dissolve it in three quarts of boiling water and use the solution for enemas.

To do enema with warm water (36-40 degrees). In this case, the absorption of water with a solution of garlic or herbs in the intestine promotes the excretion of worms.

Poor tolerance of garlic - a strong burning in the anus, rectum, colon - a consequence of the activities of the worms. Slight discomfort or a short-term increase in body temperature while using an enema containing garlic is a normal reaction.

7-14 days of daily application of enemas with a solution of anthelmintic herbs or garlic a colony of worms are dying. You may notice that emissions of stool with enemas is a large amount of mucus that resembles dirty rags. It exploded from the infusion of gathering herbs of various types of worms, colonies of fungi and other protozoa. Some types of worms come out undamaged.

Last day of therapy. In the morning on an empty stomach to drink a spoon Tykveol or linseed oil. After half an hour to eat pre-peeled pumpkin seeds (300 g). Still two hours to drink a solution of magnesia or Glauber's salt (a tablespoon per Cup of water). Water can not drink. She revives worms. You can drink infusion of herbs seeds. And another hour to do a cleansing enema. Later in the day, an enema of 1 liter to do every 1.5 – 2 hours, performing Oddiyana bandhs (retraction stomach).

Is the last day of therapy apples with brown bread, honey and buckwheat after the 6th hour of therapy. Porridge without sugar vegetable oil better linen. You can try to survive till evening without food, taking after the 6th hour of fresh orange juice. It's hard. Fatigue is a normal reaction.

It is important on the last day of therapy at night to enter into the rectum and leave until the morning flax seed oil. A big spoon of Flaxseed oil, pour 100 gr. Warm boiled water , stir. With a small child an enema inserted into the rectum.

purification from parasites

Next 3 days to respect your body by eating in the same mode as during therapy. Try to drink the oil for food (pumpkin or flax). To do before meals Oddiyana bandhs. Think positive, not to focus on the problems.

Extra recipes for cleaning from parasites

Mugwort – 1 part + 2 parts tansy

Why Is Tansy? Because it enhances the effect of Wormwood. Together they Wormwood and tansy, are the round and tapeworms, intermediate and Mature stages of over 100 parasites, bacteria, fungi and viruses of many types.

Parasites not only consume all the most valuable and useful from what we eat, but also shitting in our body, poisoning it with their waste products. They are dangerous because - what quietly can kill a man, taking away gradually, and when it decreases, multiply more rapidly. In addition to the described in the article, a few recipes for getting rid of parasites.

Tincture of wormwood and pumpkin seeds (recipe from Vanga)

Mix taken in equal quantities the leaves of sage and crushed pumpkin seeds, pour the mixture with vodka in a ratio of 1:3. Insist week in a warm or in the sun. Drink the infusion twice a day one small glass on an empty stomach, preferably half an hour before lunch and before dinner. The course of treatment is several weeks until the stomach is completely clear of worms. To apply as a General sedative.

Russian triad V. A. Ivanchenko

The triad gives a very good effect in cleansing the body from parasites. The Russian triad has the broadest spectrum of activity, killing more than 100 types of parasites, viruses, fungi and bacteria. As part of the Russian triad cloves kills the larvae and eggs of parasites.

It includes tansy, wormwood and cloves. All components should be crushed to powder state (in a coffee grinder). Single dose: the flowers of a tansy - 1 g; wormwood herb 300 mg; clove powder - 0.5 g For greater effect, use to produce all three components. Better if you mix everything by weight in advance. The powder is very bitter.