Parasites in the human gut — protozoa types, symptoms and treatment


There are several signs that in humans are parasites in the intestine, thus their treatment can be varied. Crashing the system internal organs, or change in appearance of stool is considered an alarming signal in order to start a survey for the presence of parasites. Many people are not even aware that they are in the body worms. The child they are more common than in the adult. This is due to the fact that the kids can take in the mouth toys and dirty hands.

What is parasites in the gut

Parasites in the gut is a complex organisms. On the walls of the intestine can be protozoa and helminths (worms). To prevent worms, you need to understand how to avoid infection. The four known main source of exposure of eggs of parasites in the human body:

  1. insect bites;
  2. contacts (when handshake is transmitted pinworms);
  3. through the soil;
  4. the use of raw or poorly cooked meat, fresh fish.

Some parasites live in the intestines of humans

For a long period of time, the person may not be aware of the fact that it was live parasites and the symptoms can be similar to some diseases. Worms often appear in the digestive system. Human intestinal parasites live:

  1. Askaridy. Size is 40 cm
  2. Nekator and intestinal ankilostoma;
  3. Ugrica;
  4. Wide lentec;
  5. Beef tapeworm;
  6. Shistosomy;
  7. Pork tapeworm;
  8. Trihinelly.
  9. Protozoihyie microorganisms, or the main protozoa that can live in the intestine of man:

    1. Lyamblii. Provoke indigestion.
    2. Gistologicheskaja amoeba. This microorganism causes amebiaz. The main symptom is diarrhea.
    3. Blastocita homni. Can cause harm only when a weakened immune system, causing diarrhea and vomiting.

    Symptoms of parasites in the gut


    If a person infested with intestinal parasites, it will definitely show itself. It is often indirect evidence for the presence of helminths confused with other symptoms of various diseases. You cannot self-medicate, and need to seek help from a doctor. Usually the main symptoms of parasites in the gut are:

    Be careful

    According to statistics more than 1 billion people are infected with parasites. You may not even suspect that became a victim of parasites.

    To determine the presence of parasites in the body easy for one symptom - an unpleasant smell from the mouth. Ask loved ones, whether the smell from your mouth in the morning (before you brush your teeth). If so, then with a probability of 99% you are infected with parasites.

    Infestation leads to nervousness, fatigue, sudden changes in moods, in the future, begin more serious disease.

    In men, the parasite causes: prostatitis, impotence, adenoma, cystitis, sand and stones in the kidneys and bladder.

    In women: pain and inflammation of the ovaries. Developing fibroids, fibroids, fibrocystic mastopathy, inflammation of the adrenal gland, bladder and kidneys. As well as heart and cancer.

    Just want to warn you that there is no need to run to the pharmacy to buy expensive drugs, which, according to pharmacists, will kill all parasites. Most drugs are very ineffective in addition, they cause great harm to the body.

    1. Gaza. Worms that are on the walls of the small intestine, provoking an inflammatory process that is accompanied by bloating and gas.
    2. Constipation. The most popular symptom of the presence of worms in the intestine.
    3. Diarrhea. Provoke parasites that produce hormones, which lead to liquid frequent trip to the toilet.
    4. The weight change. People in the presence of worms may experience constant hunger or loss of appetite.
    5. Allergic reaction. Worms in the intestines of the host produce substances that trigger the secretion of high doses of protective cells called eosinophils. All of this can lead to allergies.
    6. Pain in joints and muscles. Parasites can move throughout the body to search for a comfortable accommodation. They are able to settle on muscles, causing acute pain.
    7. Fatigue. People with this problem often feels fatigue, apathy, lack of sleep, it's hard to concentrate on work.
    8. Skripenie teeth. This symptom manifests itself in children during sleep, it is called bruksism.



    Define helminth at first difficult, because the symptoms are similar to other diseases. Sometimes worms accidentally found during operations for other diseases. As a rule, diagnostics of parasites in the intestines includes the following informative methods:

    1. Serological analysis of blood. Identifies antigens and antibodies to helminths. This study is conducted only at a late stage of infection.
    2. Histological analysis of feces. The most accurate study for the presence of parasites.
    3. Scraping. Helps to identify pinworm.
    4. Gemoscanirovanie blood. The procedure effectively detects the presence of parasites and fungi.

    How to get rid of parasites

    The human treatment of worms should do the doctor. More than 10 drugs of modern pharmacology have antigelmintnoi activity. You cannot assign them yourself, because they have some activity to various kinds of worms. For further diagnosis will need to undergo a series of laboratory tests. Based on the obtained results, the doctor will form an effective treatment plan.

    Worms are able to occur quickly, and rapidly multiply in the human body, so you need to get rid of parasites in the intestine. To win and bring the worms to consume more vegetables and fruits. At the time you should give up meat and fish. Your diet can be enlivened with spinach, green beans, apples and grapes. Experts advise to drink plenty of fluids. So purification from worms will be much faster. Useful to humans and yogurt, which involves a high content of lactobacilli.

    Medication against parasites in the intestines

    The modern market is replete with various synthetic drugs, which provide effective cleansing of the intestines from parasites. Any funds must appoint a physician. To choose the right treatment, it is necessary to take the analysis of feces.

    Folk remedies

    The fight with worms occurs in stages. If the intestines of the patient get rid of parasites, often on a background of reception of preparations can deteriorate the General condition of the body. You can bring the worms at home using improvised means or herbs. Doctors of traditional medicine suggest to raise body temperature by using products that have sharp (burning) taste.

    Also effective folk remedies from parasites in the gut are:

    1. powder from the seeds of the flax;
    2. the broth is based on pomegranate peel (2 tablespoons pour hot water over);
    3. castor oil;
    4. an enema of a decoction of wormwood (3 grams of grass pour boiling water and then drain);
    5. a decoction of onion peel;
    6. tincture of lemon and garlic;
    7. unshelled pumpkin seeds;
    8. carrot juice;
    9. a decoction of tansy (to prepare the funds will need dried flowers and boiling water);
    10. a handful of uncooked rice, which need to be taken during Breakfast.

    The purging soda.


    The use of sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) is effective in eliminating problems associated with parasites in the body. This product helps to remove the larvae and adult worms from the intestine, plus 80% of the toxins and harmful products that enter the digestive tract. An alkaline environment is poorly perceived by worms, they get uncomfortable so they leave their habitat. Typically, the purging soda from parasites takes place in several stages:

    1. first performed the water enema for excretion of feces;
    2. next, 25 g of baking soda should be diluted with a quart of warm filtered or boiled water;
    3. the solution should be administered using an enema;
    4. necessary to sustain the composition of the soda inside the body approximately 30 minutes before defecation;
    5. next you need to get another enema with water to remove residues of alkali and to reduce the negative impact of soda on the body;
    6. the procedure should be done each day before complete removal of helminths;
    7. the soda treatment is considered complete if in the stool, no worms within two days.

    Prevention of parasites in the gut

    The appearance of worms in a person, like many other diseases, is easier to prevent than to cure. Prevention of parasites in the intestine, as a rule, is in compliance with the personal hygiene and cleanliness of premises. To not experience unpleasant sensations caused by worms, it is necessary to observe elementary rules that will help to protect yourself from parasites:

    1. no need to drink raw water;
    2. you should always handle hand antiseptic or wash them with soap and water;
    3. use only well-washed vegetables, fruits, herbs;
    4. should not swim in the water prohibited from sanitary-epidemic station;
    5. should be carried out daily wet and dry cleaning;
    6. after contact with animals should wash their hands;
    7. it is good to clean toys and other items after a walk on the street;
    8. don't eat raw fish or meat.

    Signs of the presence of worms

    Parasites in the human intestine lead an active lifestyle. Their existence causes certain symptoms.

    • Diarrhea: worms produce substances that cause the intestine to diarrhea.
    • Constipation: intestinal worms can block the bodies because of their size and quantity.
    • Irritation of the bowel, bloating, gas products of the activities of the parasites cause inflammation that can irritate the intestinal mucosa.
    • The nutrients that come along with the food poorly or not absorbed. The fat gets into the colon is thin. It causes cramps, excess gas formation and bloating.
    • Allergies triggered as a result of emissions of toxins parasites. The body begins to rapidly produce toxins against protective substances — eosinophils, their excessive production leads to allergies.
    • Changes in the skin: possible acne rashes, hives, eczema, ulcers. On the heels cracks, the nails become brittle. Hair dandruff appears.
    • Joint and muscle pain occur when some types of worms roam the body in search of a comfortable existence of organs or tissues. If they find a favorable place, and then appear this kind of pain.
    • Weight loss or excess weight: weight loss occurs as a result of reduced appetite and indigestion; obesity comes from a sudden drop in blood sugar levels, which keep hunger.
    • Constant fatigue is accompanied by lethargy, fatigue, decreased concentration and memory.
    • Low immunity: the body can resist infectious and catarrhal diseases.
    • Anemia occurs due to the fact that some types of worms prisasyivayutsya to slizistyim intestine and absorb there nutrients.
    • Nervousness — cause is toxic waste resulting from the presence of worms, which irritate the Central nervous system. Disturbed sleep, there is irritability, depression, dream man grits his teeth.
    • Respiratory diseases: in the case of penetration of worms in the respiratory system can increase the body temperature, worried by the cold; in severe cases, develop pneumonia, asthma.

    The determination of the presence of worms

    To determine the presence, type of parasites, the doctor will prescribe tests in stages. Analysis of feces collected and think several times.

    Treatment of parasites and worms

    In the case of presence of parasites in the body, after ascertaining the type and kind of existing worms, the doctor will prescribe a course of treatment by various means. This can be a dosage form, in addition to a good assistant will serve as non-traditional medicine — use of herbs.

    The process of removing the worms can be divided into several stages.

    • First — training the body to excretion. We must purify the intestines, liver, biliary tract.
    • The second stage of direct elimination of parasites.
    • Third, the recovery after the treatment immune systems, damaged organs, strengthening the General condition.



    To prevent the risk of Contracting the parasites is necessary to observe simple rules of hygiene. Of the causes of infection can be seen that many types of parasites enter the body through dirty hands.

    Therefore, be sure to wash hands thoroughly with soap and water, especially after walking, stay on the street, after visiting the toilet, before eating, etc. In addition, you need to regularly cleaning your residential premises, in the presence of Pets regularly to give them drugs against worms, to make additional disinfection. Plays an important role and a proper diet, drink boiled water. Do not buy the products of dubious quality.

    Prevention you can take medication against worms that if the house has Pets, if the place of residence — village, the village. Also consider taking medications if there is continuous contact of children with each other (kindergarten, school); if you often have to travel abroad or to go to nature to relax, to fish, to hunt, etc.