What and how you get rid of parasites from the human body?

The human body is an ideal environment for the habitat of worms. According to medical research, 95% of the population, regardless of age, are their carriers.

Parasites — live organisms which infect the internal organs, cells and feed on the nutrients of the host. They penetrate into any system of the body and located in the body for many years or throughout a person's life. Some parasites do not cause significant disturbances in the life of his master. But most of them lead to the development of disorders in the host organism.

The main ways of penetration


Most parasites do not have their own nervous, cardiovascular systems. Their sexual organs throw tens and hundreds of thousands of eggs into the environment. Larvae and eggs are resistant and remain viable for a long time.

Experts distinguish such ways of transmission of the parasite:

  • contaminated water and soil;
  • bad handling of food (eating dirty fruit or vegetables, rare meat or fish);
  • the contact with animals;
  • insect bites;
  • close contact with a carrier of parasites;
  • violation of rules of personal hygiene.

Types of worms

Today there are more than 300 types of parasites that can live inside the human body.

Take a closer look at the most common:

  • Pinworms. It's a small parasites up to 1 cm, which affects the thick and the thin intestines. They are able night out of the rectum to lay eggs on the skin folds and undergarments. Enter the body with dust, dirty hands, using linen and kitchenware.
  • Toxocara. This parasite is located in the digestive tract of dogs (about 80% of puppies and 50% of adults infected). However, 37% of people are carriers of this parasite. Toxocara eggs isolated from faeces of a dog in sand and soil. Infection occurs through dirty hands. Worms can damage the eyes, lungs, heart, brain, muscles.
  • Roundworm. Parasites enter the human body with food, raw water, dirty hands, flies are transferred. The length of the worm reaches 40 cm Ascarids feed on red blood cells and nutrients affect the brain, liver, eyes, heart, allergic.
  • Hookworms. The parasite enters the body through the skin when walking barefoot or with food. The size of the worms does not exceed 1, 5 cm larvae migrate and behave like ascarides. A feature of this bot is itchy rash on legs and severe anemia.
  • Tapeworm wide. Helminth is able to live in man for 25 years and reaches 10 meters in length. Infection occurs by eating insufficiently cooked fish, crayfish and caviar. Tapeworm can lead to anemia, intestinal obstruction.
  • Swine and bovine capni. Enter the body with raw meat products. Life expectancy is 20 years. The risk of infection is the ability of helminths to penetrate into the eye and the brain.
  • Echinococcus and alveoli. These parasites enter the body during contact with sick animals, consumption of infected water, dirty fruit and vegetables. The larvae affect the liver, lungs, bones, kidneys and carried to the development of cysts.
  • Giardia. This parasite is often manifested in children's groups. Enters the body through dirty hands, toys, household items. Giardia lead to decrease in immunity, appetite, memory, stomach pain, allergies, nervous disorders, urinary incontinence.

Symptoms of helminthiasis


Parasites in the human body constantly secrete a variety of toxins. This leads to malfunction of internal organs, decreased immunity, development of allergies, increase the load on the liver, destruction of beneficial microflora of the intestine.

These symptoms may indicate the presence of parasites:

  • disruption of the digestive system: diarrhea, increased gas, irritable bowel syndrome, constipation;
  • pain in joints and muscles;
  • allergies;
  • bronchial asthma;
  • anemia. Some worms can feed on red blood cells;
  • reduction of body weight;
  • obesity;
  • mental disorders. Toxins parasites detrimental effect on the nervous system. As a result the person becomes irritable, occur depression, panic attacks, etc.;
  • bruxism (gnashing of the teeth during sleep);
  • intestinal dysbiosis;
  • decrease in immunity. Some helminths suppress the production of immunoglobulin A, and man is vulnerable to viruses;
  • inflammatory diseases of the respiratory system;
  • Oncology. Long helminthiasis leads to the degeneration of epithelial cells in cancer.

There are specific symptoms that indicate a certain type of parasites:

  • ascariasis a patient complaining of dizziness, abdominal pain, nervousness, anxiety, nightmares;
  • the penetration of the pinworms will be marked sleep disturbance, loss of appetite, itching in the anus, nervousness;
  • tapeworm cause diarrhea, pain in region of liver, increased appetite. While fecal is common to find worms.

If you suspect infestation of parasites, you should immediately consult a doctor. The doctor can appoint complex examination and effective medications that will bring the worms out of the body.

Therapy of helminthiasis

My stomach hurts

The treatment of such diseases used anthelmintic agents. They are able to effectively destroy the worms.

On the principle of impact they are divided into 2 groups. The first of them causes inhibition of the processes of glucose into the cells of parasites. As a result of a blocked metabolic processes, and the worms die.

In the pharmaceutical market, there are herbal remedies that allow you to get rid of parasites. They are produced on the territory of Russia from local raw materials. These medicines help cleanse the body of worms, toxins. The result normalizes metabolism, increases immunity. For the therapeutic effect of the treatment is from 1 to 3 months.

How to take people?

De-worming drugs are freely available in pharmacies, to buy them do not need a doctor's prescription. Remember: self-medication can have negative effects on your health. That is why to prescribe the drug should only physician and only after the survey. Because not all medication is able to affect a tape, and round worms.

During the treatment of helminthiasis is shown taking enterosorbents. This will reduce the toxicity of the body due to the destruction of helminth.

Folk remedies in the treatment of helminthiasis

To effectively remove worms from the body and at home. It is sufficient to apply one of the following recipes:

  • The infusion of pumpkin seeds. Seeds are carefully cleaned and ground in a mortar. The resulting mass pour into a container and cover with water, add a spoonful of honey or jam to taste. Means to drink after waking up, divided into 7 doses within 1 hour. After 2.5 hours, take a laxative, even after 40 minutes, do an enema.
  • Garlic infusion. A few heads of garlic chop and pour a glass of vodka. A lot leave for 2 weeks in a dark place. The resulting means take twice a day before meals for 1 — 2 tablespoon for 5 — 6 days.
  • The infusion of onions. Clean the onion and chop, then pour warm boiled water. The mixture allow to stand for 10 hours in a dark place. Morning remedy strain and drink on an empty stomach.

It is important to remember that successful treatment required not only to eliminate worms, but also to neutralize the effects of their activity (anemia, allergies, intestinal dysbiosis).

Prevention of helminthiasis

To prevent the penetration of worms possible.

To do this, simply follow the simple rules:

  • to exclude any contact with stray animals;
  • the implementation of the rules of personal hygiene;
  • to exclude contact of young children with animals;
  • to ensure that the child is not picked up on the street items;
  • to eliminate meal on the street;
  • regularly cleaning the house;
  • after staying in the street to wash hands thoroughly;
  • vegetables and fruits before eating to treat with boiling water;
  • apply only well-cooked and roasted meat and fish;
  • drink boiled water;
  • regularly eat garlic, onions, pumpkin seeds.

Many important preventive measure is the use of de-worming means 1 every 6 months. Doctors are advised to conduct this course in October and March each year. And remember, if you suspect the development of the bot, you must contact your doctor and not take medicine on their own.