How you get rid of parasites from the body

Helminths – parasitic worms that live inside the body for months, possibly years. Getting through a person's nutrients and full of vital juices, the worms live secretly until, until they begin to grow in size and move to adjacent organs. How you get rid of parasites from the body, if they cause discomfort, pain and General malaise?

how you get rid of parasites from the body

Very few people have relished the news that his body nests a whole family of worms, some of which can get infected and cause irreparable harm. Helminthiasis is a widespread disease that occurs in 90% of the population.

Parasites worms can live in the liver, blood vessels, intestines, lungs and even in sub oculo century. Each species has a separate name and has its own characteristics and symptoms. Eggs and larvae often hide in the soil, dirty water, and transferred to Pets or cattle. Once inside, the parasitic egg is waiting in the wings, turns into larva, and then into a full worm, which starts to eat that will get from his human owner. Sometimes the larvae come out through a bowel movement – this type of worm parasite in other organisms using the human body as an intermediate stage.

Species of worms of worms:

  • Round nematodes (roundworm, whipworm, Trichinella, pinworms, filarias), have rounded forms;
  • Flat – cestodes, (bovine, pork tapeworm, broad tapeworm, Echinococcus), worms in the form of complanatis tapes;
  • Flukes flukes (Schistosoma, liver, cat Fluke). Finding any on the worms sticks to the walls of the mucous;
  • Giardia is more common in children, transmitted through dirty hands, toys.

Parasites worms there are up to 340 species, they can be intestinal and extraintestinal (subcutaneous). Some species penetrate from food or dirty water, and the other through insect bites or skin (ponds, reservoirs, soil). Parasitic in the bodies for a long time, the worms cause joint pain, allergies, cause of frequent constipation or diarrhea, disrupt the digestive tract, reduce or, conversely, provoke a feeling of constant hunger, stomach cramps, nausea, vomiting, a state of lethargy and apathy becomes a permanent phenomenon. When running the course of the disease, possible tumors, cancer, anemia, yellowness, nails become brittle and fragile, nervous breakdowns and depression become a habit. To find the "place of residence" and see a kind of worm, it is required to pass the examination by parasitologist-infectious diseases specialist or gastroenterologist.

Factors that influence the occurrence of parasites

Many people who are faced with a delicate problem, feel uncomfortable, because they believe that worms can be got only in dirty, dangerous areas with lack of basic hygiene. But this is not so. Worms enter the body in different ways:

  • Through food prepared with unwashed hands, and insufficiently washed fruits and vegetables;
  • Through food served in publica metus and decent schools (no guarantee of maintaining cleanliness);
  • Dirty floors, garbage in the house, accumulations of trash;
  • Close contact with dogs, cats;
  • Accidental ingestion of river water;
  • Infectum raw fish, rolls, sushi pieces with raw fish;
  • Meat with blood;
  • Raw dairy products (raw milk).

To reduce the risk of infection, should be thoroughly cooked foods and stick to a healthy diet. If the table is present in every day meat or fish, reduce by half, replacing junk food with fresh vegetables, fruits, cereals, freshly squeezed fruit juices. Especially useful for fresh Apple or carrot juice. Don't forget to wash your hands after going to the toilet.

If necessary, parasitologist, appoint such drugs. The choice of drugs depends on the variety of the worm, so to self-medicate is not. Species identification is sometimes takes a long time, especially if the parasite is not sitting in the intestine and in other organs, e.g. the brain.

how you get rid of parasites from the body pills

How you get rid of parasites worms home remedies

Giardia, dens, filarias and pinworms leave their homes if doing garlic enemas. Miss 2-3 cloves of garlic through a meat grinder, add 250 ml of boiling water, leave for a day. Garlic in the morning, the infusion is filtered through cheesecloth, do an enema with the help of medical pear. To do enema need 5 days. You can make a candle - sated cotton swab garlic liquid, insert it into the anus for 15-20 minutes.

Finely chop horseradish, garlic – 20 g of each ingredient, mix, pour slurry 1 liter of water, put away to infuse for a week and a half. Ready solution drink 1 tbsp three times a day before meals.

1 big onion mince, add a Cup of boiling water, insist 10 hours (overnight), the solution is passed through a fine sieve, then drink 0.5 cups 3 times before food for five days.

Pumpkin seeds (300g) grind in a coffee grinder, fill with water to form a viscous slurry, add 1 tbsp of buckwheat honey, carefully stir the mixture and leave in dark place for 5-6 hours. Infusa weight eat without leaving residue on an empty stomach.

2 art. L. dry tansy pour a glass of boiling water, close lid and insist 5-6 hours. Then infusion of strain and drink 1 tablespoon 4 times a day for 15-20 minutes before eating. For enemas inflorescences of tansy (1ch.l.) pour 120 ml of water, allow to infuse for 4 hours, the entire solution can be used for one procedure.