Funds from worms and parasites to humans: modern pills and drugs

The human body is a perfect home for many species of helminths and other parasites. Getting into a favorable environment, parasites absorb nutrients and useful bacteria of his master, poisoning the human body with their waste products, resulting in deteriorating overall health and health.

funds from worms and parasites

All worms have a negative impact on the proper functioning of the internal organs and systems, significantly inhibiting the natural processes in the human body. They can cause serious pathological changes, severe diseases.

In some situations, the symptoms of helminthiasis may be missing, resulting in the human body parasites can live for years, no signs not betray himself. There are signs that indirectly indicate the presence of worms, nausea, headaches systematic, regular violation of the chair, dizziness, allergic reactions.

You need to consider what medications against parasites are depending on classification which tablets are the most effective against all types of parasites. And is it possible to get rid of worms, if you drink only herbal preparations?

Symptoms and classification of the means

Modern pharmacological market offers various drugs, which have antiparasitic effect. Some of them operate in a selective manner, that is capable of destroying only one species of helminths.

Other detrimental affect two or more species of parasites simultaneously, and therefore is recommended when an unknown type of worm infestation, either in mixed helminth infections.

Therapy may include not only de-worming medicines, but also laxatives, immunomodulators, tools that enhance human immunity.

It should be noted that each drug has its indications and contraindications, side effects, therefore it is recommended exclusively by the attending physician.

Drugs against parasites can be divided into the following groups:

  1. Protivozastojnye tablets detrimental effect on the band class of worms. Usually therapy they are assigned, if the worms are localized in the intestine, but can help and at extraintestinal form of infection.
  2. Protivopolozhnye medications recommended for the treatment of intestinal forms of nematodosis.
  3. Protivorevmaticalkie medicines help to get rid of all kinds of parasites are the flukes.

It should be noted that all of the above parasites, the drugs have a selective action, that is, can only kill certain classes of parasites.

As the practice of medicine, signs of worm infestation can be completely absent, or symptoms resemble other diseases. For example, pinworms similar with the attack of appendicitis, and hookworms in the lungs is often confused with pneumonia.

In addition, the lesson often confused with colds and respiratory diseases as angina, sinusitis, rhinitis, bronchitis and so on. There are such symptoms of worm infestation in children and adults:

funds from worms and parasites recipes
  • Malfunction of the gastrointestinal tract. It most commonly manifests itself in a systematic diarrhea or constipation, occurs flatulence, irritable bowel syndrome.
  • The pain of joints and muscles, Allergy symptoms.
  • Anemia, as many worms feed on human blood.
  • Inflammation of respiratory ways.

Also, decreases or increases the body weight. In the first case, the parasites actively absorb the nutrients of his master, in consequence of which the body is weakened. And in the second case, the human body lacks energy, as a result, there is a constant strong hunger, forcing to eat several times more than usual.

It should be noted that the long period of stay of helminths in the human body not only oppress the body, but also weakens the immune system, as a result, does not exclude the change of epithelial cells in cancer education.

Drugs against parasites of wide spectrum of action

Before recommending means of parasites, a doctor prescribes tests. Typically, the analysis of feces allows to determine whether in humans worms and parasites.

In some situations, when the diagnosis is not fully confirmed, but not refuted, it is necessary to conduct biochemical analysis of blood for antibodies.

If a person has the symptoms of parasites is detected, this circumstance facilitates the establishment of the diagnosis, since considerable importance is the medical history. In any case, the doctor prescribes medication only when the established picture of helminthiasis.

Despite the wide range of all modern pharmaceutical products have considerable toxicity and may adversely affect the General condition of man, so to get rid of parasites at home is not recommended.

If the human body detected parasites, treatment mandatory assigned exclusively by the doctor. He knows which drug is most optimally suited to a given situation, and will not trigger various side effects.

Treatment of parasites starts after the tests, all the drugs can be purchased at the pharmacy.

In severe helminthiasis prescribed complex treatment is sorbents, diuretic medicines, laxatives, and, accordingly, antiparasitic agents.

Herbal remedies

Parasites pills can be not only synthetic, but also of plant origin. A medicinal plant, or the connection of certain types of herbs are potent active substance, which effectively cleanses the body from parasites.

As a rule, typically includes wormwood, garlic, cloves, rhubarb, calendula, calamus root, nettle, St. John's wort, yarrow and many other herbs.

Given the effectiveness of the above plants, was synthesized medical drugs. In their composition concentrate extremely useful components of plant origin that in getting rid of parasites, and can strengthen the immune system.

Clinical studies have shown that the only side effect of taking such means is a rare allergic reaction. Natural products have the following advantages:

  • In dietary Supplements comes with a poison extracted from plants in a certain concentration, and kills worms and other parasites.
  • All the drugs of plant origin do not possess toxic substances, therefore sparing way act on the human body, thus help to normalize the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract.
  • Drugs are not allowed to reproduce helminths.
  • The whole range of natural remedies is not only getting rid of the worms, and protection from parasites when the likelihood of a secondary infection.

Prevention of parasitic diseases

As the practice of medicine, to cure parasites quite easily, if the patient follows all recommendations of the doctor, takes medication, follow the instructions on the application.

However, no one is safe after treatment, to get worms again. In addition, secondary contamination will flow much more difficult first, and to cope with it a bit more difficult.

You can use as prophylaxis spice – clove flower buds. It is not necessary to prepare decoctions or infusions, enough each morning or evening to chew a few buds and drink water. The duration of such preventive therapy is 3-4 days.

Clove helps to get rid of parasites due to its bitter taste, resulting in the human body they are unfavorable conditions for parasitism.

funds from worms and parasites prevention

Prevention includes:

  • The basic hygiene rules.
  • Washing vegetables and fruits.
  • Daily wet cleaning in the premises.
  • Timely deworming of animals.
  • The rejection of the use of raw meat and unboiled water.

Compliance with these simple rules will help to protect your body from parasites, thereby it will be possible to prevent them from infecting your family.