Protozoan parasites of man: the treatment is unicellular in the body of the people

More than four billion people on the planet suffer from parasites. This, researchers explain that people are not aware of this issue and also underestimate the problem. Time they are diagnosed and begin treatment.

All the parasites that can cause various diseases in humans, divided into three large groups:

protozoan parasites
  1. Simple. Varieties of this type of a lot of parasites. The most common are Trichomonas, Toxoplasma, Giardia.
  2. Worms.
  3. Parasites. These include those that can be on the human body (mites, lice, and others).

Parasites of the latter type of person can quite easily become infected. But single-celled parasites (protozoa) often become sick for a surprise. During his life the person may not even suspect that he is ill.

What are the risks of disease parasites?

The majority of parasites, including worms, can live on the body or in the human body for a long time. So often the diseases that they cause become chronic.

Affected organs cease in this case to perform their normal function, the immune system is greatly reduced. Man is more susceptible to disease infections.

Such an organism throughout time, yet there are worms, will be poisoned by the toxins that parasites produce to wilt and suffer from allergies.

Such processes may develop over a fairly long period of time. If the delay to detect parasites in the body and not to start timely treatment, it is fraught with negative consequences for the person.


These parasites can live in the human body. They are divided into three types:

  1. Tape.
  2. The flukes.
  3. Round.

All diseases that they can cause, are called worms. This disease in recent years, often people underestimated, and therefore the treatment starts on time.

Detected every year about half a million people who get this disease. Half of this number are children. It is noted that in rural areas, people worms can appear more often than in the city.

Ways of infection

People can be infected with parasites in various ways. Most often they enter the body through food, through contact with an infected person or during bathing, and avoid contact with the infected soil. Not rarely, the worms can enter the body by contact with animals.

Each species of parasites differently localized in the human body. Accordingly, the clinic and lesions of the organs will be different. But doctors there are several symptoms that may indicate the presence of parasites in the body.

Among them are:

  1. Intoxication. In this case, the body will be infected by those substances that the worms secrete in the body. It may be accompanied by nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, etc.
  2. Allergies. The skin may appear and disappear a rash. This disease is difficult to treat. In this case, the appearance of the disease is caused by toxins produced by parasites.
  3. The decrease in body mass. This often occurs in children. The child may eat well, and lose weight. The reason for tutu in the competition for nutrients between body and parasites.
  4. Hyperthermia. The increase in body temperature occurs with no apparent signs of any disease.
  5. Disorders of the stomach. To explain such a symptom can be the presence of dysbiosis, which is not treatable with medication.
  6. Anemia. Parasites consume all of the nutrients that enter the body with food. The human body is therefore not enough vitamins for their needs. A symptom of this is a pale skin, dizziness.
  7. Cravings for sweet foods. The reason is that the body lacks certain nutrients.
diagnosis and treatment of parasites

If a person will have at least one of the above symptoms, then this would be cause for concern. It also requires time to begin treatment.

Where can parasitize in the body of a worm?

It can be in:

  • Lungs.
  • Liver.
  • The stomach.
  • The brain.
  • Bones, muscles, bladder, and kidney.

During its life cycle worms can put in the body of a large number of eggs. Also the eggs of worms can penetrate from the outside into the body and develop in it. They after some time turn into larvae, which will also be able to defer over time the eggs.

Most often infected with worms is possible with casual contact with that person, which they already have. A distinctive feature of parasites is that they can perfectly adapt to your environment.

The eggs are not terrible neither the temperature changes nor moisture, nor dryness. They can for as much as months to wait for its prey.

If humans are worms, to identify them and to feel the symptoms, he can immediately. This is usually within a certain period, while the concentration of toxins in the body will not increase.

With a strong immune system such symptoms may appear even after 5-6 months. Therefore, it is recommended to periodically run a diagnostic of your body.

Diagnosis and treatment

Not so long ago the only method to detect parasites in the body was sensing, and analysis of faeces. But the accuracy of this survey was low.

Currently, doctors widely used immunological examination, which can determine the presence of parasites in the body, including worms, on the basis of the analysis of blood. In this case, and treatment can begin promptly.

To identify the presence of parasites is possible by analysis of DNA. This method reveals even the simplest parasites, and viruses. The disadvantage of this method is that with its help it is impossible to identify the degree of severity of the disease, as well as the number of parasites in the body.

Bioresonance diagnostics also often used by doctors to detect parasites. Based on this method it is possible to detect the worms and begin treatment at an early stage, when there are no symptoms of the disease. Also using the technique is evident and the pathogen.

For the treatment of parasites today, doctors use four main methods:

  1. Medications, antiparasitic drugs of broad spectrum for the people.
  2. With the help of physiotherapy equipment.
  3. Folk remedies.
  4. Modern means.

When the medication is used those drugs that can destroy worms and other parasites in the body. The choice of drug will depend on the type of parasite. Also depends on the scheme according to which the treatment is carried out. Here important is the condition of the patient, as not all such drugs are harmless to the body as a whole.

Physical therapy devices help to cure and suppresses the metabolism. The procedure is usually used devices. If the disease is run, this method can lead to intoxication.


In folk medicine, too, there are plenty of ways to deal with pests. There are many recipes for this. Most frequently this recipe uses aspen bark, garlic, tar of birch and other plants.

Modern methods you can also get rid of parasites. They combined all the most effective ways to do this. The effectiveness of these drugs is high. They are absolutely safe for humans.


To the body appeared worms and other parasites, you need to follow certain rules which are fairly simple. Protozoan parasites can multiply and appear only then, when there are favorable conditions.

Despite the fact that the rules of protection against parasites is quite simple, it is noted that their appearance in recent times in humans were more likely to commit.

The main points that you should consider that the body, it has not been parasites:

  1. Do not drink water from open source.
  2. You can not eat unwashed fruits and vegetables.
  3. You need to protect yourself from ticks, mosquitoes.
  4. Required to be vaccinated against plague, typhus and other diseases.
  5. Don't let your children kiss dogs and cats.
  6. Strictly observe the rules of personal hygiene.
  7. To carry out heat treatment of fish and meat before eating.
  8. Try not to swim in open water.
  9. Wash toys that a child plays on his face.
  10. Check Pets for the presence of parasites.