Symptoms of parasites in humans and methods of treatment

Parasites settle in the human body and use it as a donor. They suck from it the nutrients and useful minerals, which adversely affects the health and well-being of their host.

Who live in different parts of the body, they manifest themselves differently. Some types do not make themselves felt for many years. Sometimes people are not even aware that their body someone moved.

Other parasites fairly quickly begin to disrupt internal organs, causing various diseases.

parasites in the body

Parasitic diseases

Parasitic diseases, also known as invasions, are due to various pathogenic microorganisms fall into person and it is multiplicans. There are about three hundred kinds of creatures that can attack the insides and cause them violations of varying severity.

Parasitic diseases can appear because of the presence in the tissues, for example:

  • pathogenic bacteria;
  • viruses;
  • fungi;
  • worms of different kinds.

The list of creatures that have the ability to live and reproduce inside human, very diverse. However, almost all of them are harmful in one way: their metabolic processes are accompanied by a significant release of toxic substances which contribute to not only damage, but also to the destruction of cells of the internal organs, lymph, blood vessels.

The majority of the parasites in the human body absorb the nutrients it has received during eating. This may explain the fact that leading a healthy lifestyle people do not celebrate any positive changes in your health. And this is despite regular exercise and a properly composed diet that consists of healthy food.

Symptoms of parasitic infection often resemble signs of other diseases, so it is difficult, and sometimes impossible to identify the worm. So even if regular doctor visits and the implementation of all requirements does not give a positive result, it is worth considering. Perhaps it's time to start be tested for the presence within himself of beings, which lead a parasitic way of life. According to statistics about 90% of the world population are carriers.

How to determine the presence of parasites in the body?

Symptoms of parasites in the body, as already mentioned above, is very diverse. They depend not only on kind of settled in the body of the worm, but from the place of its localization.

They mostly live in the intestine, but it is also possible to detect them in the heart, stomach, blood, under skin and even the eyes. How the human body responds to in each case?

parasites in the gut

In the human intestine

When settled, the parasites in the intestine, the following symptoms:

  1. Periodic constipation. Worms can reach amazing length and capable of almost completely clogging the intestinal duct that prevents the normal process of emptying it.
  2. Diarrhea is also a common manifestation of the infestation. Some worms secrete enzymes that contribute to the dilution of stool. Usually this symptom is not associated with parasites in the human body. Most likely, the patient will think about the problems with the stomach.
  3. Bloating and the appearance of gases. The small intestine is inhabited by worms, gradually inflamed, which leads to a constant feeling of bloating.
  4. The occurrence of irritable bowel syndrome. The worms interfere with absorption of fat students, which leads to their infiltration into the colon. The constipation alternating with liquid, greasy stools. The process of defecation is accompanied by spasms of the abdominal cavity.
  5. Allergies. The enzymes that are the result of the activity of worms, stimulate the immune system to increase production of eosinophils, the function of which is to protect from intoxication, that result triggers the inflammatory processes that cause an allergic reaction.
  6. Skin rashes, eczema, dermatitis. Intestinal parasites in humans, which belong to the simplest, are often the cause of the warts and sores on the skin.
  7. Anemia. Parasitic micro-organism attach themselves to the mucous membrane, and its existence continues due to they consumed nutrients. Without them the worm to live can not. For example, Trichomonas feeds on blood cells. The result of her active reproduction can be a significant decrease in the quality of the blood, which leads to anemia.
  8. The fullness or deficiency of weight. These symptoms of parasites in humans are associated with disorders of metabolism.
  9. Excessive excitability and irritability. This condition appears due to intoxication caused by the body waste products of the parasite. After the patient can develop depression.
  10. A bad dream. Waking about three hours almost every night show in helminthic infestation. At this time the body with the liver begins to be cleansed of toxic elements. In addition, it is a night worms often come out through the anus, causing itching.
  11. Teeth grinding during sleep. This is particularly common symptom in children. So the nervous system responds to the toxins. Spared from the infestation, the child will again sleep peacefully.
  12. Chronic fatigue. Accompanied by apathy, decreased ability to memorize. The symptoms are very similar to the flu. It affects the loss of nutrients.
  13. The weakening of the immune system. The protective function is reduced, which leads to allergies and vulnerability to infections.
  14. Cancer person. Of course, such cases are rare. Only when the parasites in the body of a man live many years, resulting in significant damage to vital systems. Also, the cause of cancer can be a severe inflammation or permanent lack of microelements on the background of disorders of the immune system.

In the stomach

The most common parasites in the stomach is worms. Releasing the toxins, they are poisoning people.

Signs of infestation of this type:

  • very noticeable smell of urine;
  • fetid breath;
  • difficult process of defecation;
  • lack of appetite;
  • the lack of weight of the patient.

These symptoms of parasites in humans in any case should not be ignored, since the presence of worms in the stomach can lead to very serious pathologies.

parasites in the heart

In cardiac tissue

The main symptom of the fact that the worm got to the heart is myocarditis. The first signs can be felt within a week. But perhaps the absence of any symptoms for four months. If you do not begin cleansing the body from parasites at the time, the disease goes into a chronic form.

In muscles and joints

The first signs of the presence of parasites in the body in muscle tissue and joints, manifested in the form of pain, associated with arthritis. It occurs as a consequence of the fact that the immune system tries to expel parasites. Also severe pain is typical in situations where internal tissues are already strong enough lose.

Under the skin

A worm that can live under the skin, has a name – dirofilaria. A carrier, able to infect humans, is a common mosquito. Also, these critters are carriers of the virus De Morgellons, is very dangerous to humans, especially immunocompromised persons. How to detect parasites, which are under the skin? Easy enough. A clear sign will serve as a seal, which when pressed is set in motion.

In the eyes

Surprisingly, but the fact remains: the worm can even be in the eyeball and eyelids. Disease caused by the larvae of some parties, called oftalmia and is of two types: external and internal. The most common examples of the first type.

Evidence for the presence of parasites in the human body after some time after the infection manifested in the following:

  1. Boils on the eyelids.
  2. Maxime conjunctivitis.
  3. Destructive oftalmia.
  4. Lorem granuloma.

How to detect this kind of invasion? Easy enough. Miaz age can be suspected by the presence of the so-called boil in this region. The larva penetrates the skin, continues its development. Place of residence becomes inflamed, forming a little knot. Boils can be more, depending on how many larvae had settled under the skin. The patient feels like they are moving. In addition, it becomes noticeable and by visual inspection: a moving gyrus – a sure sign of creeping myiasis De. The approximate speed of movement of the larva is 1 cm/hour.

If the worm has reached the conjunctival SAC, then starts Maxime conjunctivitis, and when penetrated into the mucosa, granulomas. With the aim to expel the parasites are small incisions. To save the patient you need from everyone in the century larvae. Only in this way he will get relief.

Also there are certain types of worms that are able to penetrate through the mucosa into the eye. They usually become infected from rodents or cattle. In this case we are talking about In internal myiasis, which is divided into front and rear, depending on where the larva.

When the outer oftalmia in humans is rapidly deteriorating eyesight, and internal – facing complete blindness. It is possible that in order to get inside the eye, the worm moves along the optic nerve and blood vessels.

way infestation

Ways of infection

Catching helminthic infestations in a variety of ways, as the larvae's ability to survive in the external environment is very high. Very high risk of infection, for example, failure to comply with hygiene after contact with Pets.

A fairly high probability of contamination with invasion through food or unboiled water. For example, meat, insufficiently cooked, it is impossible to eat in any case. Unfortunately, many ignore that rule. Also carries a risk of salted fish, if the technology of its preparation were not fully implemented.

In addition, if a pregnant woman did not have time to clean the body from parasites, the fruit will be infected in utero or during passage through the birth canal. The child may be born with the defeat of all mucous membranes and skin.

To identify helminth needs a specialist who is called infectious disease. If the goal is to get rid of parasites in the gut, then you need to consult a gastroenterologist.

Checking the patients routinely with laboratory studies, so as to know whether the parasites in the body, by analysis of feces, blood and urine. Only after accurate diagnosis, the doctor will answer the question of how to most effectively treat the patient.

How is the excretion of parasites?


Antiparasitic therapy is chosen individually, depending on such factors as:

  • a genus of worms (back diagnosis of parasites required);
  • the size of the individuals;
  • how many worms you need will be a struggle;
  • the patient's age, body mass and other characteristics of the organism.

To date, the pharmaceutical market presents a large assortment of drugs, which allow, in addition, how to get rid of parasites in the human body, and even use them as prevention.

Since not all parasites are sensitive to any substance, treatment assigned on the basis of their varieties.

Treatment of parasites in the human body is taking pharmaceutical drugs such types:

  • antibiotics;
  • synthetic antihelminthic tablets;
  • products containing natural components.

The last plus is that for their use, no contraindications, and they are easily carried by man.

Dosage and length of treatment can appoint only a professional physician.

Body cleansing of parasites, or treatment, provides for the mandatory taking medicines to help restore the gastrointestinal tract and other important organs. Also the patient needs to be medications that help strengthen the immune system, and vitamins.

Equally important is the diet during the treatment. The patient is strongly recommended to abandon the consumption of meat and dairy products, all sweets due to the fact that they create the ideal environment for reproduction.

After a course of treatment, several antihistamines you need to clean the bowel using enemas to immobilized or dead individuals came out with the stool as soon as possible.

traditional methods

How to deal with pests traditional methods?

How you get rid of parasites from the human body natural products, prompt folk medicine. The recipes it has proved effective for hundreds of years.

Here are a couple of recipes:

  1. A few heads of garlic boiled in milk (500 ml). Give broth to cool, remove the garlic and you can put the enema in for five days morning and evening. To expel worms garlic began a very long time. He is considered the best remedy.
  2. Soda (50 g) is mixed in a liter of water and bring to a temperature of 40°. Do an enema every night during the week. Before the procedure need to cleanse the body, performed by the same method. Remove excess from the gut can be boiled water or take a cleansing decoction of chamomile.

Please note that some traditional methods can cause an allergic reaction, so cleaning the intestines from parasites with them should be agreed with your doctor.

As you know, folk medicine is as a subsidiary. Methods, which aim to expel the worms, are no exception.

In order to not have to think about how to cleanse the body of parasites, you should follow some basic rules:

  1. To pay attention to hygiene.
  2. Not to eat dimidium-coxit fish or meat.
  3. To avoid close contact with street animals.
  4. When infected by one of the members of the family should be purified from larvae and eggs of parasites housing and common goods.