Prevention of worms in children and adults

No measures can completely eliminate the risk of infestation. Good hygiene does not guarantee that the body will not settle worms.

Many a shocking fact that 70-80% of people worldwide are infected with parasites and sometimes multiple types at the same time. Given such staggering statistics, the question arises whether it is necessary to carry out prevention of worms in children and adults?

You can avoid intestinal worms is through prevention and proper nutrition

If you decide to take preventative measures, how often they should be carried out which medicines or traditional recipes it is better to use?

worms in humans

Whether prevention of worms?

A definite answer to the question of whether prevention of infection by helminths, no.

In modern medicine, there are 3 thoughts:

  1. Treatment for worms is necessary only when tests confirmed their presence and helped to establish the form of the parasite, trapped in the body. In the preventive purposes, the pills is not recommended, especially children, because de-worming medications are toxic.
  2. The opposite point of view – you should regularly twice a year to drink anthelmintic medication broad-spectrum prophylaxis. There are pills that cause the least side effects and which allow to protect the body from worms.

Helminthiasis is dangerous to humans at any age, but particularly detrimental effect it has on children. Parasites can live under any and all organs, tissues: intestine, lungs and brain. They eat the flesh, nutrients, highlighting the large number of toxins, poisons the body.

In adults it causes the development of chronic diseases that cannot be cured.

In young children, in addition to disease starts lagging in physical development. Given this fact, it is better to play it safe and take the drugs than to risk the health.

  1. There is an alternative version. In accordance with it to apply antihelminthic drugs, not passing the tests, if there are signs that indicate the presence of parasites. This view is shared by Dr. Komorowski.

In some cases, justified regular antihelminthic prophylaxis:

  • in the presence of Pets, or frequent contact with animals;
  • when children play in the sandbox in contact with the ground;
  • if a person's hobby is fishing, hunting;
  • after trips to exotic countries.

Prevention is mandatory in frequent contact with Pets

Be sure to take cure of worms for all family members if one of them revealed helminths, which are transmitted directly from person to person. Also it is better to take preventive action if some children in the group or in the classroom your child was diagnosed with parasites.

prevention of worms

How to do prevention?

To minimize the risk of infection with worms will help the following simple preventive measures:

  • adequate heat processing of food, especially meat and fish;
  • the use of purified water;
  • observance of rules of personal hygiene, particularly washing hands with soap before each meal and after each visit to the toilet;
  • conducting an anthelmintic prophylaxis in Pets;
  • regular change of linen.

But sometimes these measures are not enough, so you have to take anthelmintic agents.

Thorough hand-washing reduce the risk of infestation several times

Good tablet for prevention of worms

Pharmacies many medicines are designed to kill the worms. They are divided into specific and nonspecific. Specific pills will help to get rid of specific parasites. They have directed action and more toxic. Non-specific drugs have a wide range of actions, consuming different types of worms. They have minimum side effects and thus is suitable for prevention. To accept such funds need no more than twice a year.

Folk remedies

If the symptoms that may indicate infection with worms, or have any desire to spend prevention without using medication, to help folk remedies.

Popular folk recipes for preventive treatment from worms:

prophylaxis after contact with animals
  1. 4 cloves minced garlic salt and pour 200 ml of milk. Drink on an empty stomach, then nothing to eat for 2 hours. For children the number of ingredients to reduce by half.
  2. Pour walnut leaves boiling water and infuse for 20 minutes. Ready to drink the broth of 25 ml before each meal for 3 days.
  3. For 12 hours to infuse the leaves of elecampane, drenched with boiling water. To drink 4 times per day before meals.

For a person who wants to protect themselves from being infected by worms, it is beneficial to eat raw pumpkin seeds, spicy seasonings, drink fresh juices, especially of pomegranate, carrot. National prevention when used correctly to ensure a positive outcome.

To prevent worms need to regularly for all family members. Also twice a year, antihelminthic therapy should be conducted in all Pets. Along with the personal hygiene and proper treatment of the food prior to consumption, this will help greatly reduce the risk of Contracting worms.