How to get rid of worms at home

Cleansing the body of parasites – the procedure necessary for anyone who suspects themselves helminthic infestation. In order to get rid of worms at home, you can use the available ingredients that are in almost every home. The purification procedure can be performed in various ways: do an enema, drink herbal tea, eat anthelmintic foods. Today we will talk about ways of ridding the body of worms. In this article, you will learn how to get rid of worms at home.

how to get rid of worms at home

Enemas from worms to man at home herbal

If we talk about the home treatment, enemas — this is a very effective remedy against worms, which are parasitic in the intestine. The fact that worms can be localized with balls, so bring them with therapeutic infusions and pharmaceuticals is not always possible. In this case, to help enema.

Enemas can be used as a folk remedy for worms, proven and safe for human body. They are best to be combined with the methods of treatment with herbs. Important is the fact that the enema is removed from the intestines the breakdown products of parasites that can poison the body.

Enema is a treatment which can be used to clear the body of both child and adult worms. This procedure is carried out at night for one week. All you need to implement is a syringe and a special solution from the available tools.

Thus, several times a week 2 hours after taking medicinal herbs you need to do an enema, which should be added to garlic — 5-7 cloves per gallon of water. Also, water for enema you need to add a teaspoon of salt to the water is better absorbed in the intestine. Boil the mixture, cool to 36 degrees and do the procedure. Enemas are suitable for child and adult.

Today there are many antiparasitic funds, but also common include the following:

  • the special composition of milk and garlic: the garlic bulb is filled with 200 ml of milk, bring it to boil, after which the garlic should be removed, and the resulting solution to cool;
  • infusion of wormwood: which you can easily purchase at the pharmacy: decoction of wormwood needs to infuse (6 hours), after being strained, it is ready for use;
  • a positive result can be achieved with a combination of enemas on the basis of a decoction of wormwood with the ingestion of this herb. The volume of solution depends on the age category of the person: if it's a child, rather than half a glass (about 100-130 ml), an adult will need a whole glass (250 ml). Any of liquids are recommended to contain at least a few minutes;
  • coffee also helps to get rid of worms. This drug is added to the water for the enema at the rate of 2-3 tablespoons to 1 liter. This recipe is suitable only for an adult, as children's bowel may be difficult to migrate such a douche. To treat worms enemas need 2 weeks in a row, but enemas should be done every 2 days.

Herbal treatment for worms in the home

Traditional medicine offers many methods of purification. Here are just some relieve from the symptoms while the pest is in a stage of paralysis. Any method of cleaning must help the appropriate diet. Most parasites can not exist in an acidic environment, and only some people are afraid of sweets.

Others lead to the death of adult worms exclusively, while others kill the worms and their larvae. At home you can use herbs, some foods and drugs cheapest pharmacy to prepare medications.

Even how to get rid of parasites in the body folk remedies reviews recommend bitter herbs. Make a dry mixture of 4 parts of birch buds and tansy, and 2 parts of yarrow and horsetail, and 1 part of celandine. 1 art. L. of the mixture brew Cup of boiling water and take a glass 2 R/d courses 10 days.

how to get rid of worms at home
At home to get rid of worms will help tincture of lilac. Dried flowers pour alcohol for 10 days. Drink 1 tsp before each meal.

The final purification of man from a worm in the home is the famous "triad". For this you will need 15 green shells of walnut, powder of wormwood and clove seeds. Shell to put in a glass container and cover with 0,5 l of alcohol. Insist month in a dry dark place.

Take 5-10 drops diluted in 100 ml of water. Immediately need to make a mugwort powder at a dose of 0.5 tsp. and drink water. The final stage become the seeds of clove. Their take is 500 mg. the Treatment of these folk remedies lasts for 10 days.

Recipes from worms to humans in the home

Earlier formation could not give patients drugs from helminthiasis. Then folk doctors used for combating parasites effective folk remedies. Offer on your own a few of the popular ways how to get rid of worms folk remedies.

Walnut from worms in humans

One of the most effective home ways against worms in humans is the infusion of partitions walnuts. Take 2 tablespoons of dried partitions and pour 1 cups boiling water.

Cover and leave for 1 hour. To get rid of the worms, an adult should drink half a Cup of infusion 2 times daily (treatment to continue for 14 days).

But for a child the dose is 0.25 Cup 2 times a day. By the way, infusion of partitions walnuts helps to treat many gastrointestinal diseases and normalize metabolism.

Garlic for worms in humans

If you don't know how to remove all parasites in the body, drink recipe with garlic. 10 small cloves of garlic whole and wash down with a SIP of yogurt. This method consists in whole caryophyllis garlic, because the ground is digested in the stomach and intestines do not reach. It is suitable to children.

Still at home preparing garlic tincture. A quart jar filled with garlic on the neck and poured 50% alcohol to the vessel was not air. Defend 2 weeks and drink 10-15 drops diluted in milk.

Such folk remedies are destroyed and the eggs of parasites.

Soda from worms in humans

Soda to cleanse the human body of worms is the best way. Recipes very much. It's like her oral technique, and rectal. The treatment solution is conducted under such recipe: 1 tsp baking powder per Cup of boiling water.

The tool should cool down and take it 1 tsp every 10 min. This method should hold 7-10 days. How to get rid of parasites in the body at home using the soda can with the addition of iodine. In a ready solution add 10 COP. of iodine.

Bow of worms in humans

how to get rid of worms at home recipes

Very effective folk remedy for worms is the bow.

Onion tincture: finely chopped onions to fill the half-pint jar or bottle, fill to top with vodka and leave for 10 days in the room. Then strain, take before meals 1-2 tablespoons of tincture.

Onion broth: Finely chopped onion in the evening pour boiling water, infuse till morning, drain. Take for 3-4 days at half Cup 2 times a day.

Cover grenade from worms in humans

Consider how to get rid of parasites in the body the bark of a pomegranate. The purification is carried out according to a strict dosage, otherwise poison the body.

The prescription medication is: 10 g of dried bark is poured in a Cup of boiling water and boil for about 10 minutes. You need to drink half tsp 3 R/d before eating. Garnet displays all the pests, even opisthorchiasis.

How to withdraw intestinal parasites at home

But the most difficult to get rid of parasites such as the pork or beef tapeworm. In the war the wounded were saved from these parasites so: fed patients with heavily salted fish and did not give as much as possible to drink water and then drink a laxative. The difficulty is to wait until the tapeworm will not pass by itself.

A good result in getting rid of these parasites give peeled, but with gray — green skin pumpkin seeds (they still successfully clean the intestines). Eat these sunflower seeds all day instead of Breakfast, lunch and dinner ad libitum. Water try not to drink. 2 hours after "dinner" should take a laxative. Towards the morning will pull to the toilet. Be patient — a tapeworm is a long time to come.

When fish and dwarf tapeworm use this infusion: 1 tablespoon crushed root elecampane pour a glass of warm boiled water and insist 10 hours. Take on an empty stomach 1 — 2 tablespoons every 2 — 3 hours.

Tapeworm expelled in natural milk, in a Cup which is welded a head of garlic. Drink this glass of water, when the "growling" in the stomach after taking a laxative. And when the parasite happens, it is necessary to do an enema of warm infusion of garlic.

A universal tool for the treatment of worms at home

Buy regular clove seeds and grind them into powder. Start taking the powder 1 time per day with a dose of "pinch". Every day increase the dose a little. The course of treatment is 10 days.

Garlic alcohol tincture of parasites operates much more efficiently than regular use of garlic. For this, 300 grams of peeled garlic mince, pour a glass of rubbing alcohol and kept for 3 weeks in a cool dark place (in the refrigerator).

As needed every morning on an empty stomach at least half an hour before Breakfast and drip 2 to 5 drops of alcohol tincture of garlic in a spoon of milk and drink. The course of treatment to completely cleanse the body of all parasites.

Flax seeds are harmful to a large number of parasites. For the prevention of infection simply by entering them in your daily diet, adding in other dishes, pastries and salads. This method is ideal for children because they don't even realize that they are treated. Adult enough to eat one tablespoon of ground flax seeds per day on an empty stomach.

how to get rid of worms folk remedies

How to get rid of the worms during pregnancy at home

Plants that have antihelminthic effect can also be used. These include: watermelon, carrot, birch, cranberries, Valerian, onion, strawberry, juniper, cabbage, chamomile, chernobrivtsy, lavender, pomegranate, garlic, willow, dandelion, walnut, papaya, coriander, radish, thyme, mountain ash, nettle, garlic, pumpkin.

During fetal development in your body, some of the plants are harmful. Therefore, before the use of these plants, contact your gynecologist who will examine you and tell you what plants can be used. During pregnancy the ideal option for getting rid of worms is the use of pumpkin seeds.

Treatment of pumpkin seeds during pregnancy:

  • in the morning on an empty stomach eat 2-3 tablespoons of pumpkin seeds. Do not forget to chew them well. Literally two hours later, ingest two tablespoons of olive oil. After these procedures, the worms should come out;
  • beat about ½ Cup of sunflower seeds morning and evening for 35?45 minutes prior to meals all week;
  • take 110 g of peeled pumpkin seeds and grind with 40-45 g of water. Mix this well, take 25 grams four times per day.

The benefits of treatment folk remedies for worms in humans

From all kinds of worms you can get rid of folk remedies. They have advantages over medical treatment. To achieve a positive effect, it is important to use folk remedies in strict accordance with the prescription and throughout the recommended period.

The only drawback of this treatment, it is more long than pharmacological therapy. But the treatment folk remedies is much safer, especially for people whose body is weakened, children and pregnant women.

Many plants have a pronounced anthelmintic properties. Their regular use destroys parasites. Often at home people are treated with garlic or onions. These products are always available.

Their main advantages methods of treatment of worms:

  • safe effect on the body;
  • high efficiency;
  • the lack of side effects;
  • minimum number of contraindications;
  • these include only individual intolerance of certain components;
  • General improvement and fortification of the body.

Prevention of worms in humans

To minimize the risk of folium infestations in adults and children, need to adhere to the simple recommendations.

To protect yourself from worms is important:

how to get rid of worms garnet
  • always observe good personal hygiene;
  • regularly change clothing; thoroughly wash vegetables, fruits;
  • to eat meat that has passed a full heat treatment;
  • to clean or boil water before drinking;
  • regularly give antiparasitic tablets pet;
  • regularly to cut the kids nails, under them to avoid accumulating dirt;
  • regularly eating onions and garlic;
  • add food spices, particularly cumin, cinnamon, pepper;
  • often there is a sour fruit and vegetables.