How to bring worms in humans: a folk remedy

One of the most popular problems of modern man is the disruption of the normal functioning of the body. Many of us are faced with this problem, as the appearance of worms. This harmful microorganisms which are parasitic in the human body and create a lot of problems.

how you get rid of worms at home

The appearance of the worms is accompanied by a whole range of diseases of different nature that occur over time. To avoid this, it is necessary to diagnose parasites and get rid of them. How you'll get worms in humans in the home are described below.

What are the symptoms of worms in humans

The appearance of worms in the body is always considered to be an unfavorable factor for the proper functioning of the body. In fact, worms are small worms of a lower order, which are parasitic in the human body and can seriously damage internal organs. Currently, there are more than 250 species of parasites, each of which will have unique characteristics and a number of problems, which leads to their appearance.

Each of the varieties of worms can cause a lot of problems. You should explain that to bring the worms to the person at home for a few minutes will not work and will need a long struggle with the parasites.

To know that the person had worms only on the results of the medical examination and certain symptoms. Among the main characteristics of the appearance of parasites in the human body include:

  • gnashing of teeth because of the increased functioning of the nervous system;
  • allergic skin rashes in the form of acne and warts;
  • problems with digestion;
  • sharp and drawing pain in the abdomen;
  • frequent cough that is not treated with any medicines influenza group;
  • difficulty urinating and constipation;
  • joint pain;
  • increased excitability of the nervous system and depression;
  • vomiting;
  • problems with the immune system, in particular the development of infectious diseases;
  • sudden weight loss and itching in the anus.

As soon as at least some of the following symptoms are observed in humans, it is necessary to visit the clinic and make a comprehensive analysis of the condition of the body. It should be noted that not always analysis to determine the cause an uncomfortable state, because in the early stages of the worms does not appear in the tests. So you need to be prepared to ensure that the analysis should be repeated more than once, before the devices show the presence in the body of malicious parasites.

How to bring worms in humans in the home

Often the appearance of worms in the human body causes a huge amount of health problems. Primarily, this is because to diagnose the presence of the lower worms is possible only when they make themselves known. And bring them out becomes more difficult, especially if they laid larvae.

Lower worms as a waste product of their activities release substances that for the human body are poisonous. The receipt of all the mass in the body leads to many problems, and if time does not pay attention to them, the consequences can be very sad.

Currently pharmacology is a highly developed science, and against worms there are a lot of drugs. However, due to the characteristics of the human body, not all of them are able to help fully. And the cost is often quite high. Why are folk remedies that are known to us for centuries, and which still continue to be very effective.


How you get rid of worms in humans using garlic

One of the most popular and effective means of getting rid of worms for a very long time continues to be garlic. This known plant is not only able to add spice to your culinary masterpieces, but also help to eliminate the dangerous consequences of the emergence of worms.

Methods of treatment garlic a lot. Should stay on the most popular:

  • within 7 days you have peeled cloves of garlic to enter into the anus. This treatment is especially relevant when relief from pinworms, which are often common among children;
  • to improve the overall condition of the body and getting rid of worms can do a garlic enema. To do this, take 100 ml of warm water and put 3-4 crushed garlic notch. After the substance infusions within a couple of hours in a cool and dark place, you must squeeze it through cheesecloth and use as an enema;
  • you must eat at one time about 10 cloves of garlic and then wash it down with feast 1 liter of boiled milk. After several hours you need to drink a laxative, and then the worms leave for a long time your body naturally;
  • a similar combination of warm milk and copious amounts of garlic is also used as enema. To prepare the solution you need 8-10 cloves of garlic cut into small wedges and put them into 300 ml of milk, after which the entire substance to be heated;
  • a good way of getting rid of worms and prevention of their appearance believe the mixture of honey and garlic that needs to be taken before each meals.

How you get rid of worms in humans in the home wormwood

As you know, one of the most effective ways of getting rid of worms also believe decoctions of wormwood. Worms can not tolerate bitter taste and die when released into the environment. In addition, wormwood has many subsidiary properties, particularly antipyretic of nature, thereby removing many potential negative effects.

The people, especially popular following the recipes for the medicines from wormwood:

  • ordinary decoction of dried wormwood, which before use infuse for 5-8 hours in a dark room;
  • the combination of a decoction of wormwood and tansy in a ratio of 1:2;
  • the broth of onions and bitter wormwood. This tool is considered one of the most effective. To prepare you need to boil thoroughly in water, dried tarragon and add to the broth the juice of the onion.

The infusion of wormwood can be taken not only inside, but also to use as a cleansing enema. To achieve greater effect, it is recommended to combine both methods of treatment.

How you get rid of worms in humans at home using pumpkin seeds

Speaking about how you'll get worms in humans in the home folk remedies immediately comes to mind is the use of pumpkin seeds. They contain trace elements that are detrimental for the lower worms and lead to their destruction.

signs of worms

Most often pumpkin seeds in the fight against parasites are used in the following way.

  1. Cleaned seeds scroll through a meat grinder and take every morning on an empty stomach 2 tbsp, pre-washing them down with copious amounts of warm milk. Then, a few hours after the procedure, you need to take a laxative and intestinal worms are bred in a natural way.
  2. In China, the popular it. Pumpkin seeds fried in a pan, gradually adding the sunflower oil with plenty of salt, and then eat inside. You can also heat the seeds to high temperature and dip them in salted water.
  3. The combination of lemon juice and chopped pumpkin seeds will allow you to quickly get rid of the worms. However after intake of this mixture will need after 2-3 hours of taking a laxative to bring unwanted parasites from the body.

How you get rid of worms in humans at home using onion

The bow has wonderful antibacterial properties and therefore it is also often used as the primary means of combating worms. To bring the worms with a bow, use the following:

  • a decoction of onion juice and wormwood will allow in the shortest possible time to destroy the worms and their larvae, it is also to prevent the appearance of parasites in the potential future;
  • onion juice combined with warm water infusion of wormwood and tansy (for the first recipe, the proportions are 1:2.5, and for the second and third 1:2) can be used in the form of solution for cleansing enemas;
  • it often happens that onion juice combined with warm milk and lemon juice. This mixture can be used both internally and in the form of an enema. Taken together, these elements constitute an environment in which low worm in principle, can not survive. It should be noted that a similar composition also for a long time protects the body from re-infection with worms.

How you get rid of worms in humans in the home of various herbs

If to remember, how to get worms in humans in the home environment of the child, it is necessary immediately to recall herbs that can help with the release of this delicate problem. Not considering such well-known means of combating worms as wormwood, it is possible to comment on other crops.

  1. Shredded green peel of walnuts and filberts in combination with honey will eliminate the negative effects of worms. In addition, all damage caused by the parasites will more quickly heal and the body will become immune to the worms for a while. In order to prepare this remedy you need to mix 2 cups of honey and 5 tablespoons of minced peels. Make this broth you will need every morning along with green tea.
  2. As an effective means to combat worms in the southern region use the decoction of dry leaves of white grapes. This means you can drink inside and puts the enema.
  3. In order to get rid of lower worms in the body can also be taken in food infusion of leaves and Jasmine flowers.
  4. A decoction of the leaves of wild pear in combination with powdered rice grains will in a very short time to expel tapeworm from the body.
  5. Another popular method of pest control is a decoction of dry chamomile flowers. You should note that to achieve a significant effect it is necessary to do infusion solely from the blossoms, but the roots, the leaves of this plant do not use.
  6. Among all the recipes separately, you can select an infusion of cloves, wormwood, and flax seeds. A decoction of these components strengthen the body and faster restores its operability after the interaction with worms.
  7. Good properties also has an infusion of the roots of nettle in combination with cumin. All components must be added to the broth in equal proportions.

Additional methods for the removal of worms from the body

The problem with the worms is not so rare. To this disease any person for reasons beyond his control. However, to get rid of this delicate problem is not so difficult. Currently, pharmacies are crowded with special medicines, and traditional medicine offers a wide variety of recipes.

folk remedies
  1. One of the most common ways of getting rid of the parasites I believe the Chinese version of the drug, which is represented in the form of chewing rice grains. It should be noted that it is necessary to eat at a time of about 30-50 grams. rice, chew it at least 100 times.
  2. Residents of the southern regions of our country, as well as areas where viticulture is widespread as a cure for worms use of grape juice. It should be noted that the greatest effect can be achieved by drinking grape drink that was on the bones of white varieties of grapes.
  3. Daily consumption of raw carrot or carrot juice in the amount of 3-4 tablespoons of or 50-80 gr.
  4. Another good tool I think the infusion of the bark of pomegranate. However, it should be noted that this tool cannot be used in large volumes, and in a day the dose should not exceed 2 teaspoons of broth before the morning meal.
  5. Good effects on the body and detrimental to the worms having an acidic environment. Therefore, as prevention is possible every day to eat the dried bark of lemon or other citrus, sorrel, and pickled cabbage.
  6. An efficient method of pest control also believe that the daily use of this sea buckthorn oil in the amount of 1 teaspoon before meal 2 times a day and table spoon of crushed walnuts.
  7. Good impact on the destruction of parasites can say the combination of brandy and castor oil. To create the perfect infusion need to mix both components in equal proportions.