How you get rid of worms in humans: six conditions for success

How you get rid of worms in humans? It depends on the class and type of worms.

how to pull worms from the body

Drugs and treatment regimens differ depending on the disease. That is why it is important to diagnose what type of parasite has lodged in the human body, in which organ it is and the risks posed by its activities (and the products of this activity).

Quickly bring worms in humans is obtained with an integrated approach to solving this problem.

How you get rid of worms in humans of the class of roundworms (nematodes)

To bring worms to the class of nematodes (ascariasis, toxocariasis) of adults used albendazole, mebendazole (tablets) for children of early age: suspension, albendazole or Pyrantel. They do not cause serious side effects. Therefore, the treatment is carried out at home. How is it done?

First there is the preparatory course for the removal of worms: sorbents, enzymes, during the week. Followed by the main course of treatment, depending on the nosology and weight of the patient. It is recommended to drink fluids to 2 liters and more a day, the refusal of sweet and fatty foods. Upon completion of the assigned remedial course within one month: sorbents, enzymes, formulations containing beneficial bacteria, vitamins.

Control of the breeding of worms: a stool specimen with enrichment (ascariasis), and scraping on helminth eggs by the method of adhesive tape (at the enterobiasis) are prescribed after 1,2 and 3 months.

A blood test for antibodies to the parasites is assigned 3 – 4 months.
Treatment of trichinosis (life-threatening disease) is mebendazole in the infectious hospital.

The duration of treatment and pathogenetic therapy depend on the severity of the disease.

How to withdraw from human grade flat worms (flukes, trematodes)

Treatment of opisthorchiasis is provided in a hospital. This is due to the toxicity of the drug praziquantel and the probability of toxic-allergic effect of the products of decay under its influence.

The preparation course takes place at home and lasts for 7 to 14 days. Take bile, enzymes, sorbents, antispasmodics. To protect the stomach prescribe medications that inhibit hydrochloric acid. Mandatory antihistamines before the procedure.

On the first day of hospitalization is given praziquantel, the dose is calculated by body weight. Then held intravenous detoxification, treatment is performed duodenal intubation.

Within a month after discharge the patient takes bile, drugs for liver protection drugs of beneficial bacteria. Several times held the medical sensing or blind drainage.

Control analyses of bile are performed after 3 and 6 months.

How to bring the human tape worm (cestodes)

treatment of worms

Treatment of teniasis, beef tapeworm infection, gimenolepidoz, difillobotrioz also held in the hospital. Previously used fenasal – a drug that destroys worms and the extract of male fern, which has the effect of anthelminthic. The last drug is safer but less effective. Currently, both drugs for the treatment is not recommended.

Treatment of echinococcosis is surgery only.

Before the operation and after it is long lasting (up to 28 days) treatment. This helps to prevent larvae after opening the cysts in the surrounding tissue.

How you get rid of worms in humans folk remedies

There are many folk remedies for removing worms: wormwood, pumpkin seed extract, aspen bark, black walnut. The most popular drugs of aspen bark extract. These herbal products contain biologically active substances – bioflavonoids, which have a mild effect against parasites. It accelerates the elimination of helminthes from the body.

So it is possible to treat opisthorchiasis and other infestations caused by flukes, after a failed drug course of deworming.

Preparatory and remedial courses are the same as for medical treatment. The main course is at home, for 14 days.

Treatment worm infestations herbal drugs is good because it can be repeated multiple times without damage to the body.

Than it is better to get worms in humans: medicines or folk remedies?

This question is solved individually.

Opting medical treatment:

  • The treatment is carried out for the first time;
  • We are young, no age contraindication to the drug;
  • No exacerbations of chronic diseases and allergic background.

Opting attempts to bring worms in humans using herbal medicines:

  • The treatment was carried out more than once and not given effect;
  • The doctor suspects multiple infection;
  • Any undesirable side effect on the drug;
  • The patient is elderly, there is a possibility of cardiovascular adverse reactions;
  • The fear before reception of drugs.

Only after weighing "for" and "against" the doctor decides, what is possible and what is desirable to treat a specific person.


Can take the patient of the worms and how quickly will be able to cope with this task – depends on several conditions:

  • Accurate diagnosis: primary or re-infection, multiple infection of worms (maybe in opisthorchiasis);
  • Evaluation of the possibility of treatment of drug drugs including contraindications;
  • An adequate choice of the drug;
  • The correct calculation of the dose according to body weight;
  • The purpose of the preparatory and courses of rehabilitation treatment in full;
  • Timely laboratory and instrumental control treatment.

Failures, repeat the treatment after six months or a year. Treatment of the same drug preparation more than three times is undesirable.


Herbal medicines if they have at least a partial effect, you can assign more than three times, to conduct courses of treatment, two times per year to full recovery from parasitic infestation.