Pumpkin seeds from worms: the best recipes

In the treatment of parasitic infestations, apply medication and folk remedies. Many plant medicines recommended by practitioners as an auxiliary means. The effectiveness of pumpkin seeds against parasites is due to the chemical composition and action of their constituent substances.

pumpkin seeds worms

How are the seeds?

In chemical composition of pumpkin seeds contains amino acid. It is absolutely safe for humans but deadly to parasites. The presence of this acid weakens the sucker heads are parasitic organisms that deprive them of food, active life and ability to reproduce.

The advantage of the use of pumpkin seeds is safe even for children. The largest concentration of the acid contained in the skins on the core, so all the recipes before you start taking pumpkin seeds from worms, they are not clean.

Effectively from these types of helminths:

  • roundworm;
  • pinworms;
  • Trichinella;
  • Giardia;
  • the flukes.

If the symptoms only began to appear, treatment will be most effective. The degree of damage is determined by taking the eggs of the worms from the anus and clinical study of blood. After completing the course of treatment scraping you need to pass again to determine the effectiveness of therapy.


Pumpkin seeds for worms allowed for children and for adults as a safe tool. Contraindications to the reception are allergic to the product and urolithiasis, in other cases accepted. You can't eat too many seeds, especially when pathologies of the gastrointestinal tract.

How to take?

Different recipes specify rules of reception of pumpkin seeds, depending on which component of the combined kernel of the pumpkin. The basic rules of:

  • seeds should be cleaned, they are ground into powder along with the skin;
  • to take the product on an empty stomach, if in the recipe there are no other conditions;
  • do not violate dosage and take too many cores pumpkin, so as not to trigger allergies or problems with the gastrointestinal tract.

Since pumpkin seeds are on the worms killing them, you will need a bowel cleanse. You can take laxatives with the doctor's recommendation or your enema.

A day take 150-200 grams not roasted and unblanched seeds, carefully chewing. Children can be given up to 100 grams. The course to three weeks, until symptoms disappear. Then again, the scraping is carried out to determine the presence or absence of helminths.

For cooking about two weeks taking decoctions of de-worming plants:

  • tansy;
  • nettle;
  • calendula;
  • chamomile;
  • cloves;
  • ginger root.
seeds with honey

Then proceed to treat of pumpkin seeds alone or in complex recipes.

Recipes and methods of application of pumpkin seeds from worms

In folk medicine, there are a few recipes that use additional products. Pumpkin seeds help from worms in combination with honey, milk, soda and other additives.

By Semenova

On an empty stomach in the morning eat 1. 5 cups of seed. Two hours later, drink the solution: 30 grams of salt in half a glass of water. Two hours later I put the enema for bowel cleansing. It must be put up to 5-6 times a day. Nothing else to drink so as not to give the ability to move hearts.

You can eat cereals, fruits and vegetables. Evening drink 200 ml. of Seeds cannot be prepared earlier than the day before admission. The course of treatment – a week.

For a child up to 5 years to prepare this mixture the day before treatment. 2/3 Cup of crushed seeds and pour 400 ml of boiling water. Kept in a water bath for 2.5 hours, then left overnight.

In the morning, composition, strain and leave to stand for half an hour. After to remove surface oils and offer drink the remaining child. This method of treatment pumpkin milk by Semenova.

With castor oil

In this procedure, you need to take 25 seeds chewed to a pulp. Then after an hour, drink 5 ml of castor oil. The procedure is repeated 4 times a day after meals. The course lasts 3 days.

With fennel seeds

Fennel seeds and kernel, pumpkin take in equal proportions. Mix, then take 1 tablespoon of the mixture and pour a liter of boiling water. Under dense cover, to insist hour and strain. The resulting decoction is taken instead of tea three times a day. The length of treatment is 1 week.

With honey

250 grams of seeds are thoroughly washed, dried and pulverized in a blender. Add 100 grams of liquid honey and mix. Apply the entire dose on an empty stomach. Then you need to trigger diarrhea.

Another way:

  • grind 1.5 cups of kernels;
  • add 75 ml of honey and 75 ml of water;
  • mix well, eat within the hour;
  • three hours to drink a laxative.

Treatment pumpkin seeds and honey is indicated for giardiasis, ascariasis, infection with nematodes.


200 g of kernels without wiping fry in pan, vegetable oil need not be added. If the seeds are cooling, they are ground and added 5 cloves of small garlic. Mix and add another 30 grams of honey.

The resulting mixture insist for 12 hours, and then take on an empty stomach. The child is given a teaspoon, adults – dining room. The reception lasts 3-5 days.


Cup pumpkin seeds ground to a fine powder and add a tablespoon of honey, then pour in half a glass of milk. The resulting remedy should be taken on an empty stomach. After 2-3 hours drink of 7.5 ml of oil of castor oil. In this period it is better not to take food or a drink.

With soda

Pumpkin seeds against worms are used in combination with soda. Glass cores fry without oil and add a Cup of honey. Carefully stir, add 5 grams of baking soda. The mixture was infused for two days and take on an empty stomach 50 gr. The course lasts a week.

The broth

0.5 kg of seeds, wash and pour a liter of water, then put in a water bath and kept for two hours without boiling. After cooling strain and drink the liquid for 1.5 hours. 3 hours after that drink a laxative.

The rules of admission

In different age groups treatment different. First you should consult with your doctor and determine how many to eat the seeds without harm to health and the therapeutic effect.


Product in limited quantities are safe for children, pregnant or nursing mothers. Children can make pumpkin seeds three years in a dose of less than 50 grams. a day. Child from 6 years you can take more – up to 150 gr.

It is important that the child does not have problems with kidneys or liver. If there is disease of these organs, intake of need to limit to 50 grams per day.


Pregnant and nursing

Pregnant women product is also allowed. Seeds should maintain the beneficial quality, so they are only lightly fried, without oil. A woman in pregnancy is best not to exceed a dosage of 150 gr.

Similarly, during lactation. Excessive consumption of seeds capable of any load on the liver and kidneys. But a moderate addition to the diet will not only help to get rid of the worms, but also to improve the quality of milk.

Applications for the prevention

Pumpkin seeds are used in the prevention of worm infestation. These recipes are allowed for children and adults. It is recommended to carry out such preventive maintenance once a year, if you have Pets – every six months.

Recipes for prevention:

  • grind the seeds and take 5 g before Breakfast for 3 days;
  • mix in equal quantities with honey, taken in the morning before meals during the week;
  • fry 100 grams of kernels without oil and eat in the morning, carefully chewing.

Prevention requires compliance with the rules of hygiene. If you have animals at home, we should take timely treatment against parasites. Housing must be kept clean. Vegetables and fruits were thoroughly washed under running water. Fish and meat require long heat treatment.