Look like worms in humans

Few people are attracted to the word "parasite." It has firmly settled in everyday life. This word usually applies to people who are not particularly tense, in order to achieve anything in life and prefer to live at the expense of others. In Russian they are called "freeloaders". In biology parasites are those living beings that feed on other organisms that live in them and bring big, sometimes irreparable harm.

parasites in humans

The clinical picture

So who is a parasite? It is the microorganisms that come to a living entity and struggle for existence. Human worms enter the body, take away food, energy, vitamins and nutrients. In addition, the parasites in the process of life releases toxic substances that poison the people inside. Worms in the human body feel at ease and comfortable. The human body is exactly what they need for excellent development and existence. There are about 250 species of parasitic worms that attack people who are in them and cause various diseases with their symptoms.

How catch worms?

There are four options of contact of helminth eggs on the human body:

  • Lesson come to man from soil and water. The process of getting a pretty simple. Mature eggs of many helminth species penetrate the soil along with the faeces of the patient, human or animal, they Also posted these animals and flies.
  • Contact enter the human body directly from the touch with another person who suffer from this problem. Most often, thus can be infected with parasites.
  • Bio lesson infect people who eat raw, uncooked or poorly processed meat of pork, beef and fish. Most at risk are those who love sushi, kebab, and dried fish.
  • There are worms that occurs in people as a result of the insect bite.

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Worms in humans

Be careful

According to statistics more than 1 billion people are infected with parasites. You may not even suspect that became a victim of parasites.

To determine the presence of parasites in the body easy for one symptom - an unpleasant smell from the mouth. Ask loved ones, whether the smell from your mouth in the morning (before you brush your teeth). If so, then with a probability of 99% you are infected with parasites.

Infestation leads to nervousness, fatigue, sudden changes in moods, in the future, begin more serious disease.

In men, the parasite causes: prostatitis, impotence, adenoma, cystitis, sand and stones in the kidneys and bladder.

In women: pain and inflammation of the ovaries. Developing fibroids, fibroids, fibrocystic mastopathy, inflammation of the adrenal gland, bladder and kidneys. As well as heart and cancer.

as infected with parasites

Just want to warn you that there is no need to run to the pharmacy to buy expensive drugs, which, according to pharmacists, will remove all parasites. Most drugs are very ineffective in addition, they cause great harm to the body.

They feed at his expense. Not kill him, and slowly poison his life. This is exactly how they differ from predators. Parasites are not profitable to kill his victim. They are set up for long-term existence in the human body. It is not voluntary Alliance. In this forced Union were benefiting only the parasites. They also slowly poison and spoil human life. Photo worms evident as they are diverse and vile. They don't even like to watch, and to imagine these monsters inside you is simply terrible. It is terrible and that not all of them can be diagnosed and cleared. Some of their species is expertly hidden in a person, making it difficult to even understand the doctors what was happening to him. People often try to treat the disease, not even suspecting that the main culprit for their ailments there is a worm parasite. Pictures of worms in humans are a direct confirmation of this. They are seen as some of the parasites are quietly in the authorities, merging with the General picture of the living mechanism, parasitize, develop and poison the life. That look like worms in humans, filmed a lot of documentaries. All photos, pictures, movies, articles are created in order to convey to people a little bit more information about these feared creatures, try to protect them and to find them and defuse it.

Symptoms of worms in humans

In addition to photos of worms that give the opportunity to recognize parasites, there are many symptoms that help to identify what in the human body got an unexpected guest. Each worm-a parasite has different effects on the person, therefore, the emergence of one or another of the worms is accompanied by various symptoms.

  • Skin rashes;
  • Painful contractions of unknown origin in the abdomen, accompanied by nausea;
  • Decreased appetite;
  • Increase in the blood eosinophils.

If you do not pay attention to these symptoms and not to get rid of Ascaris, can disrupt the integrity of the intestines, to develop peritonitis or appendicitis, in contact with the parasite in the Appendix. Besides possible liver damage, and intestinal obstruction.

When diphyllobothriasis occur:

  • Dizziness, weakness with nausea;
  • Constipation, diarrhea;
  • Defecation highlighted fragments of worms;
  • Pain of unknown origin in the abdomen;
  • A sharp decrease in the mass of a person.

In the future, these symptoms are susceptible to anemia

  • Terrible itching in the area of the anus and inflamed skin due to scratching;
  • Pain in the abdomen;
  • Inflammatory processes and diseases in women.

Manifestations of ascariasis starts after 2-4 days of infection, the disease parasite 14-21 day, and the next stage through 6-18 months.

In General, this invasion is manifested by such symptoms:

  1. Constant itching of the skin, with a recurrent rash on her;
  2. Edema on the skin;
  3. No colds, suffocating cough, with fever;
  4. Enlarged lymph nodes;
  5. General weakness, chronic fatigue syndrome and paleness;
  6. Unpleasant perceptible pains in the joints, muscles and abdomen;
  7. The appearances of diseases such as allergic myocarditis, pneumonia, hepatitis.
  8. Frequent urination with blood in the urine;
  9. Bloating with pain and irregular bowel movement.
symptoms of parasites

If people notice one or more of these symptoms, it is better not to delay and go to the doctor for tests and if required to take immediate action. It is not necessary to live by the principle "it doesn't concern me". The parasite can enter the body and to the most careful person. So you need to read news articles, see photos, follow all the advice of doctors to avoid catching the worms. The problem is always much easier to prevent than to get rid of it.