How to quickly get rid of the worms: treatment and prevention of infection

Is it possible to protect itself from helminth infection, and how to get rid of worms, if the parasites have settled in the body? There are several ways of treatment and prevention, which everyone should know.

The human body is a wonderful place for life and development of various microorganisms and parasites. This problem especially applies to children who, because of their age often do not adhere to basic hygiene rules, for example, licking dirty fingers, take the hands of homeless cats.

worms in humans

The risk of infection with worms

Initially, the worms live in water or land. They are widely distributed in our climate zone, with the ability to remain viable. Eating unwashed food or dirty water, it should be remembered that the larvae of the worms can get together with her in the body through the digestive system.

Before they finally take root in the small intestine and grow into adult worms, larvae will move through vessel walls and mucous membranes. Worms move through the body, overcoming the liver, bronchi and other organs. Having made a long way, they end up at your destination — the small intestine, where settle permanently. Here, the worm can live up to 1.5 years.

The female worms, which was in the human body reaches full maturity 60-80 days after infection. Then she begins to lay eggs in it, thus exacerbating the disease.

The risk of Contracting worms is increased with frequent consumption of meat or dried fish. Also infection can occur if you eat not enough well-washed fruits or vegetables. Worms are passed from an infected person to a healthy failure to observe rules of personal hygiene.

If one of the family members was discovered pinworm, treatment all and roundworm from person to person not transmitted. To fight parasites in several ways. Before you can treat worms, you should know that to accept those or other drugs alone is not recommended. First, you should consult about treatment with your doctor.

The symptoms of infection

There are several symptoms that indicate the presence of worms in the human body. They can be very different. Some of them directly indicate the presence of parasites, the rest only in combination with few symptoms.

The main symptoms of worms: rapid decline in body weight and disruption of the gastrointestinal tract, often causes nausea and skin rashes. Constant pain in the umbilical region is the confirmation of obvious infection. With the appearance of periodic dry cough that resolves spontaneously, it is likely that the cause was the penetration into the respiratory tract of these parasites. A sign of the emergence of worms (pinworms) can serve as itching in the anal region.

In children in the presence of worms in the body there is often grinding of teeth during sleep. The symptoms are the same. It all depends on the types of parasites and how the body reacts to their reproduction. If the above symptoms for a long time do not go and get rid of them does not work, it should be cautious and consult a doctor.

Tests is important since the presence in the body of helminths can badly affect the nervous system. For example, one symptom of worms is excessive irritability, insomnia, restless sleep. This is due to the immune system's response to parasites. In the presence of worms in the skin can appear different allergic reactions: rash, eczema.

symptoms of worms

You should pay attention to the fact that the disease can occur without symptoms. To identify the presence of helminths, it should be tested. You can define worms at home. For this you need to do an enema and examine the feces.

In the presence of the worms in it will be possible to see small white worms. After that you should immediately begin treatment. It is very important remove them from the body of the child, as it is very sensitive to such parasites.

Delivery analysis the presence of worms

If you suspect worms you need to take a stool sample to the laboratory. He will determine in the body the presence of the following parasites:

  • ascariasis;
  • trichinosis;
  • hookworm.

It is important to collect material for analysis correctly, that it was not urine. It should be stored in the refrigerator, the temperature should not be below 8°C. in Order to obtain a more accurate result you should take the test three times. Along with this, you can take a blood test, which identifies an increased level of eosinophils indicates an allergic reaction to the worms.

Parasites can be transmitted to newborns from the mother, because pregnant women are necessarily hand over the analysis on worms. During pregnancy it is very important to get rid of parasites, because it can be dangerous for the baby. Treatment should always appoint a doctor, however, there are several methods of getting rid of such parasites.

It is important not to postpone treatment because it may cause various complications.

Because the worms can move through the bloodstream, penetrating almost all organs, including the lungs, liver and others. If you ignore the disease and treat intestinal worms, can develop appendicitis, bowel obstruction or jaundice.

Folk remedies

Pharmaceutical companies offer a variety of cure for worms. These drugs are quite effective. To accept such funds need to strictly adhere to recommended dose, then the risk of side effects will be low. Children and pregnant women some of them may be contraindicated. How to get rid of worms, if the medication is contraindicated? In this case, you can turn to folk medicine, which currently does not lose relevance.

For example, quite effectively eliminates ascarids and pinworms garlic. Based on it there are several popular recipes that allow you to get rid of the problem yourself at home.

To make a good remedy for worms, you will need garlic (2-3 cloves), grind it and pour warm milk. Drink within 3 days. Poison pinworms by using enemas of garlic and milk that need to be done at night. An enema needs to be cooked in milk, garlic, cool and strain. Then the mixture is used as the liquid for the enema. This recipe helps to eliminate these harmful parasites.

Another ancient method of purification from worms suitable for adults. You must eat a few cloves of garlic and drink warm milk and 2 hours to take a laxative drug. Pinworms and other kinds of worms can be eliminated with the use of fasting pumpkin seeds.

A small child will fit the following means. For its preparation you need to take carrot juice, a few drops of lemon and sugar. Drink needed in the morning for several days.


How you get rid of parasites? Anti-worms treatment and medicines must appoint a physician. Treatment may consist of several stages. First you need to prepare the patient. For this he was prescribed a special herbal oils. This will allow to excrete the waste products of worms.


The second stage of treatment involves administration of anthelmintic drugs, which are sold in most pharmacies. Most often, patients are administered a drug that paralyzes the muscles of the parasites, bringing the parasites in a natural way (through the intestines). During treatment data drug parasites can be seen in the stool.

If you have multiple types of parasites prescribe a special drug. It has a wide action and is prescribed for the treatment of tapeworms and mixed helminthiasis.

The final stage is taking medicine to restore lung function and liver and make the digestive tract normal. Drugs should be selected considering the kind of parasites that are present in the body.

Prevention of the disease

You should know that prevention is much easier than to cure. There are a few simple rules that is very important to observe in order to avoid the appearance of this unpleasant problem.

The basic rule is the observance of personal hygiene. A small child should be trained to wash hands with soap, especially before eating and after walking in the street. As often as necessary to remind children about the need for careful hand washing after using the toilet.

It is recommended to treat vegetables and fruits before eating. Be sure to wash them under warm running water. Can you use rinse them with boiling water.

To play and to stroke the unfamiliar stray animals is also not recommended as these animals often are carriers of not only worms, but also other diseases. Pets must periodically make a special sedative.

Children need to be monitored closely, because they love to pick up different things and try them on taste. It is especially important not to give children a taste of the items raised from the loose soil.

Poorly processed meat and fish should be consumed with caution. These products require heat treatment.

By following these rules, you can protect yourself and the body. During treatment it is important to observe rules of hygiene to avoid Contracting the disease again.