The review of pills for worms

Helminths are parasitic organisms that live in the human body. If untreated, parasites can lead to death. Treatment of helminthiasis should start as soon as detected the first sign of the disease. Elimination of parasites is carried out through the therapeutic effects – patient are assigned to a tablet from worms. In exceptional cases surgical intervention is necessary.

The more dangerous parasites

worms in an adult

There are many types of worms. Each type of parasite has its own characteristics. Some worms live exclusively in GI tract, others are able to migrate through the circulatory system and thus affect other organs (including the brain and heart).

As different worms and size. A person may be discovered worm with a length of several meters, which is characterized by asymptomatic existence for many years.

They develop and multiply in the human body worms:

  • amaze organ tissue;
  • break the whole body;
  • cause the decrease of immunity and development of chronic diseases.

Threat of worms and that in the process of life they secrete a toxic substance detrimental effect on the organs and systems. Intoxication results in liver dysfunction, may result in incurable disease (cirrhosis, cancer etc).

Infection with helminthiasis occurs most often through the mouth. Usually in the process of infection is not involved adults, but their eggs or larvae.

When the parasite multiplies in the body of a human or animal, its eggs are released into the environment with feces (faeces):

  • on the ground;
  • in the water.

If a person drinks contaminated water or consumes plant products (in a dirty way) growing on such soil, the risk of helminth in the body is very high. Also common means of infection is the consumption of meat, fish or eggs (chicken), which have fibers in their larvae (eggs) of worms. There are other ways of infection: contact with a sick person (animal), household items and more.


Symptoms of worm infestation can vary depending on what type of worm parasite in humans. However, there are some common symptoms that indicate their presence. Similar symptoms occur as a result of intoxication, vitamin deficiency and dysfunction of certain organs, where the presence of worms.

In the first stage of development of helminth infections may show no symptoms at all as the damage to health is not so critical. But the longer the pathology progresses, the more obvious the signs become. The greatest danger are the microorganisms that develop "quietly". Such worms include cepni (pork or bovine). It happens that the parasite is in adults over five years, and manifests itself only when reaching sizes of more than six meters.

When infected the more simple specimens (pinworms, roundworms) symptoms occur within two to three months after infection.

Common symptoms include:

  • maintaining the increased temperature for several days;
  • painful sensations in the epigastric region;
  • constant nausea followed by vomiting;
  • diarrhea or constipation;
  • increased appetite, and after his absence;
  • allergic reaction on the skin;
  • weakness, lethargic appearance, chronic fatigue;
  • depression and insomnia;
  • itching in the anus.
symptoms of worms

These symptoms may mislead the patient to think about health problems, but the assumption that helminth infections rarely occurs.

The most obvious signs of the presence of worms is getting detected in the stool of parasite larvae or adult. From the anus can get and adult worm (sometimes large ones). In this case, the person is required to act immediately. Before contacting the technician it is recommended to take Kal for the study along with discovered larvae, or deliver in a hospital which was published species of the helminth.

Features of treatment

Treatment of helminth infections in an adult and child is virtually identical. The way to get rid of worms depends on the degree of destruction of the body and what kind of worm is present. The decision should be taken by the attending physician. Self-medication, especially children, is not recommended because of the medicine against worms have toxic effects and have contraindications, and traditional methods are not always effective.

Modern companies that produce tablets against worms, mainly oriented to the treatment of children, as this category of the population most susceptible to infestation. Proceeds from worms most effective at the initial stage of the lesion, the more worms in the body, the harder it is for people to get rid of them.

If to treat diseases worms only medication, it is possible to prevent re-infection or only a partial cleansing of the body. For this reason, the specialists carry out the treatment in three stages.

  1. Training. Conducting diagnostic surveys to determine the species of worm, and drug, which is not sustainable. Identified contraindications.
  2. Therapy. The second stage comprises directly receiving the funds, which helps to remove toxins and parasites. Depending on the diagnosis, it is enough to use one tablet, but sometimes you need to take medication for three days.
  3. Recovery and prevention. At this stage, the prescribed medications that restore the disturbed functions of the digestive tract. Two weeks is recommended to re-take medication against worms.

There are drugs with narrow areas, which help to get rid of only a certain type of worms, and worming medication a broad spectrum activity against all types of parasites.

What pills are best in a specific case decides the doctor, so choosing cure for worms in humans, rely on the instructions of a specialist. If you choose a medicine yourself, you can exacerbate the situation.


Doctors who spetsializiruyutsya for the treatment of helminthiasis, against the fact that patients were treated with antiparasitic drugs "Express" action. This is due to the fact that such means exert a powerful toxic effect, which affects not only the parasites, but the body of the patient.

Therapy is recommended with drugs that affect a certain type of worms. But in order not to think about how to take care of it, the best time to take preventive measures.

Prevention of infestation includes:

  • daily hygiene;
  • regular disinfection of the premises;
  • teaching children hygiene;
  • eating foods appropriate sanitary-epidemiological norms;
  • regular cleaning of the animals.

In the presence of risk of infection (after contact with the infected animal or human) should take an antiparasitic agent in order to prevent contamination or the elimination of helminths in early stages of development.

treatment for worms in adults

Modern pharmaceutical shelves you can find products against any kind of bot, for both adults and children. But do not forget that self-medicating is dangerous, therefore, even before prevention of helminthiasis, it is better to consult an experienced physician.