Parasites in the human body

The human body is inhabited by many invisible creatures. However, not all of them are beneficial, some bring great harm. These pathogens pests are worms. Parasites in the human body, which, attaching itself to the walls of the tissues and organs fed by those who enters the body of nutrients, causing irreparable harm with their waste products.

parasites in humans

Parasitic worms can exist and not be noticed. Symptoms of infestation are so diverse and can resemble the symptoms of other diseases, is that identifying them is very difficult. Not always, the presence of worms in the body show and analyses, which shall be in the hospital. While harmful microorganisms poison people on a daily basis, impairing his health and quality of life.

Types of parasites

In medical practice there are more than 400 species of parasitic worms. There is a certain classification, which divides them into groups according to various criteria:

  • Place of residence helminths are divided into intestinal and out colon. Intestinal parasites live and feed in the large and small intestine. In for intestinal parasites traveling through the body, choose his refuge, other organs (e.g., gallbladder, heart, eyes, brain).
  • According to the method of infestation of helminthes are divided into which are transmitted through contact with infected people and in hygiene items, which are passed through the affected meat and the connection with animals and the parasites that are part of the life cycle carried out in the soil.
  • On the biological characteristics of helminths are divided into tape, round, and flukes. Each of these groups has many representatives. Just practice, there are more than 400 species of helminths.

The most common worms that live in humans are roundworms, pinworms, Giardia, Echinococcus, tapeworm wide, bovine and pork tapeworm.

Most of them are common among children. Infection usually occurs due to failure to perform activities of personal hygiene. The child's body is very vulnerable and susceptible to infection with helminths.

Parasites in the human body are attached to the walls of the organs or mucous membranes, eating due to substances that enter the body with waste products, and vitamins. Toxic exposure of pests over time destroy the immune system, leading to inflammation and the development of serious diseases.

Pathogenic microorganisms are able to travel through the human body, causing deterioration, that is, re-infection and further development of individuals. The location of the parasites can be so complex that using tablets cannot be cast out, then used a surgical method of treatment.

Methods of infection

Parasitic diseases not only can catch from unwashed hands or from animals. Many believe that worrying about the purity of the body and not containing house Pets, to avoid infecting worms. This view is mistaken. There are many reasons for the occurrence of parasitic diseases in humans:

  • Worms can be transmitted through poorly washed fruits and vegetables. Best well washed vegetables to douse boiled water, to reduce the risk of infection. The greens are best to soak in salted water for about half an hour (1 teaspoon to 1 liter of liquid).
  • Poorly cooked or roasted meat of animals, birds can be a source of infection. Worms often live in animals and fish. Cooling or freezing such products cannot completely guarantee protection from risk of infection.
  • When swimming in rivers, lakes, unverified areas, the risk of infection of organism worms increased significantly.
  • Mosquitoes and other blood-sucking insects can carry larvae of dangerous parasites.
  • Close household contact with an infected person worms can cause infection.
  • The contact with animals that are carriers of the disease.

Infection of parasitic worms can even occur in compliance with heightened security measures, frequent hand washing and avoidance of contact with animals. It is important to notice symptoms of disease and take appropriate action. Interestingly, in people whose immune system is strong and little inclined toxin from worms, can defeat the uninvited malicious people. This does not require the use of special drugs, the body will do everything, killing the intruders.

The main signs of the disease

Symptomatology lesions of the human body of parasitic worms is very diverse. Symptoms of infestation may be similar to those for other diseases, making it difficult to diagnose the problem. It all depends on the localization of parasites in the body and their varieties. Pests have the following effects in humans:

  • produce toxins that poison the insides of a person;
  • evoke allergic reactions;
  • contribute to protein-energy malnutrition;
  • absorbing vitamins, causing their deficiency in the body;
  • contribute to decreased immunity.

The growth of microorganisms goes through several stages, depending on which are the main characteristic symptoms.

the carriers of parasites

The acute phase is characterized by General intoxication of the human body, causing an allergic rash. In addition, parasitic diseases in the acute phase may have the following symptoms:

  • the increase in body temperature;
  • pain in muscles and joints;
  • swollen lymph nodes;
  • indigestion;
  • inflammation in the respiratory tract;
  • irritability and nervousness;
  • the sharp decline of body weight.

Chronic phase of the disease is characterized by impaired functionality of those organs, where the worms settled. Associated symptoms may include the following:

  • intestinal parasites can cause obstruction or provoke colitis;
  • the worms settled in the gall bladder and ducts, can cause hepatitis, cholecystitis;
  • some types of worms are striking, disturbing the proper functioning of the cardiovascular system;
  • parasites in the stomach cause indigestion and worsen the bowels.

It should be remembered that external quality is the main indicator of human health. Tired, dry, chapped skin, cracked heels, sometimes not talking about the cosmetic problems and serious lesions of the human body pests. Infestation parasitic worms are always manifested in the decline in immunity and, accordingly, the accession of various infections. Particularly prone to infection are small children and the elderly. A poisoned body becomes vulnerable to many diseases, the patient is reduced quality of life, deteriorating health. Those that live in the human worms actively increase their population, and some of them are moving in different ways in other media or other organs of the patient.

Diagnosis of parasites

Modern medicine has taken a big step in the methods of diagnosing the problems of parasitic worms. For many, dealing with the topic of worms, especially young mothers, are wondering about how to determine the presence of parasites in the body? To diagnose the problem is really quite difficult, especially if there are other health problems.

Before, all they could offer medicine, was a stool sample under the microscope and take on the analysis of duodenal contents of the gallbladder. The result depended on the lab technician, who studied material taken with the use of special devices. He could see the larvae or eggs of worms, or not to notice. In addition, at the time a sample is taken, the worms could not put eggs, and then the analysis was clean, and the parasites are at this time multiplied inside the patient.

Now diagnosis of parasites has leaped forward. Modern immunological research is able to identify virtually any infection with worms. The meaning of the so-called ELISA analysis is that it detects not the actual parasites, and antibodies, which are produced by the body in response to the ravages of worms.

However, with all the latest technologies, the old methods for the detection of the worms are still used, and quite successfully, although ELISA tests are more sensitive and the result is more authentic. Diagnosis of parasites in humans suggests ultrasound, CT scan or MRI and some other tests if is prescribed by your doctor. Each case is unique and requires specialist advice.

Therefore, paying attention to information on how to identify parasites in the human body in the first place it is better to go to the doctor and hear his opinion. It is not necessary to self-medicate and to appoint a procedure independently, it can be dangerous.

Treatment of infestation

Treatment of lesions of the body with parasites located in the office of an infectious disease physician. The first signs of the presence of worms in the human body should be a Wake up call and a reason to visit that doctor's office. Self-treatment and to make medication, you should not. This can lead to serious consequences, including allergic reactions or poisoning. Thus, it is possible to cause irreparable harm to the body. People often seek to defeat the worms by yourself, using the recipes of traditional medicine, but it is wrong and can only hurt. The disease must be treated by special means, perhaps in conjunction with traditional methods, but not by yourself. Any treatment should be agreed with the doctor.

Therapy are required to undergo not only the patient but all members of his family. It must respect hygiene measures, to prevent deterioration. Also doctors recommend to repeat the treatment after a 10-day break.

It is important to understand that even proven medications, their prolonged use can cause irreparable harm to the body. They are very toxic not only to the parasites themselves, but also for the human body in General. Patients may develop liver cirrhosis, nephritis, renal failure and other serious diseases. To retrieve a specific species of worms may require surgical intervention.

After a shock treatment with special drugs needed to carry out rehabilitation therapy. To do this, take probiotics to normalize intestinal. It is worth the funds herbs for restoring failing immunity, and tools based on the milk Thistle to repair damaged liver.

Human parasites can be treated and recipes of traditional medicine. For this there are many different recipes that if you are not able to exterminate the pest, significantly complement traditional medicine.

When tape worms, which are one of the most common types that live in the human body, helps tincture of horseradish and garlic. Equal proportions of the ingredients to pour alcohol or vodka and leave to steep for 10 days. Then take 1 tbsp per day.

When infected by tapeworms helps the bark of a pomegranate. It is brewed with boiling water, and drink 1 tsp before a meal.

Coriander is also a great tool. Plant seeds need to fry and grind into powder, take it 1 C for 5 days.

Prevention of infestation

treatment of parasites

To not have to wonder about how to know if you have parasites in the human body, it is necessary to carry out basic preventive maintenance of invasion. It does not take much time and can prevent human infection by helminthes. Moreover, the treatment is always much longer and more expensive than prevention of the disease.

Of course, we should not forget about the hygienic procedures. In particular, the need to frequently wash hands, especially after visiting public places, toilet rooms. Do not use personal belongings of another person (comb, toothbrush, towel). Cleaning the house should be given special attention, with more frequent wet cleaning of household premises. Vegetables and fruits consumed, it is recommended to wash thoroughly, it is advisable to rinse with boiled water. Meat, fish and seafood need to be exposed to heat, bringing to readiness. Health Pets should not be left aside. Carefully watch their health and do regular maintenance of worms.

It is desirable to be checked for parasites, taking tests in a hospital or undergoing ELISA testing. The first signs of presence of parasites in the human body should cause immediate visit to the hospital and the doctor.

It is also important to conduct annual preventive deworming taking the drug against parasites. The drug can be prescribed only by the attending physician based on the results of research and analysis, not to cause harm to the body receiving the strongest toxic drugs.

Many people do not attach importance to such disturbing signs, such as skin peeling, allergic reactions, cracked heels or even snoring, in the meantime, this may indicate the presence of parasitic worms. Worms have a negative impact overall on the whole body and in particular the organs where they settle. Anchored in the tissues they parasitize nutrients that enter the body through food and vitamins. Thus, the body loses so necessary substances for life and disability. This considerably reduces the quality of human life and his health is deteriorating. To avoid this, you should regularly to prevent infestations and to undergo a medical examination by a doctor.