The more dangerous parasites in the body

To specific diseases include parasites. They are of particular parasites have adapted to life in or on the human body, which feed and reproduce in it or with it. This person may be to the parasite as intermediate and final host (i.e. in the body or developing eggs and larvae or adults). Depending on the type of parasites and the location of the lesion, can distinguish many diseases caused by them. The most frequent lesson — diseases that are the result of the parasitism of special types of worms.

Parasites: different species of helminths in the body

treatment of parasites

The largest group of parasites that can live in the human body, that various types of worms, both flat and round. They belong to a particular group of diseases which physicians are called by the General name of lesson. Each parasite of this group has its ways of infection, peculiarities of life cycle and development, clinical manifestations, and methods of its treatment. In addition, each parasite is able to because of their life cycles, to give specific complications. The most common parasites that can hurt humans are pinworms and roundworm, Trichinella, pork or bovine capni.

The types of parasites and course of the infection

If there are indirect signs of infection by helminths, it can be assumed that the human body lives in one species of parasites. However, effective treatment and proper, it is important to know the specific kinds of parasites, and what organs and systems they surprised. It is important to have a complete examination and to pass a number of tests. Why is it necessary?

First of all, it is important to remember that different types of parasites live in host's body condition in larvae (if man — intermediate host) or Mature individuals (if final). In this regard, therapeutic effects, depending on at what stage parasitic worms may be different, as well as the habitat of the parasite.

These types of parasites, like Echinococcus, for a person will be dangerous in the larval stage. The larvae in the form of rounded capsules-the cysts are filled with poisonous liquid, affect lungs, liver, kidneys or brain. In these organs for many months or years of growing hydatid cyst, which is located inside the larvae. But these types of parasites like pinworms live in the body in Mature individuals. Females crawl out of the rectum in order to lay millions of eggs that fall from faeces into the environment.

Depending on the type of parasites, as well as individual reactions of the body on them, location of lesion, response of the organism clinical manifestations range from asymptomatic to pronounced and severe, even fatal. It is also worth remembering that there are variants and mixed infections, when the body is home to several species of parasites.

How parasites enter the body

Ways of penetration of parasites in the body can be different. Often infection occurs when a human body penetrate the eggs of parasites with different products or with water, with dirty hands, and also through the damaged skin, insect bites. Often eggs of worms long stored in the form of eggs in the soil, water or on surfaces of objects. Getting into the body through the hands, or from food which has not passed the processing water, the penetration of parasites into the body, where the eggs ripen quickly, and have larvae (the intermediate variants of the parasite) or Mature individuals.

It is important to remember that parasites in the body cause serious damage, even if no obvious signs of damage. First of all, they eat his master, depriving him of part of the nutrients, vitamins and minerals. In addition, parasites in the body greatly increase the Allergy of the body excessively stimulate the immune system, which threatens the development of spontaneous skin and other allergic reactions previously it is quite a usual products and substances.

The body is not indifferent to the penetration into it of worms, especially if it is soft tissue and internal organs. So, in the muscles and tissues are formed inflammatory capsules, which removed the parasite from healthy tissue. This leads to the formation of parasitic cysts, often filled with waste products of the worms. Often, the body also reacts to the introduction of parasites disorders of the digestive functions, if it is worms that live in the intestines, changes in appetite, weight changes and exacerbation of chronic diseases.

Do not think that the problem of parasites is relevant only for people from the poorest countries and casually related to hygiene. The prevalence of helminth infection is striking, it is comparable, according to the who, diseases such as SARS and influenza. Therefore, it is necessary to undergo regular screening and to eliminate parasites.

Which need analysis for parasites

the dangers of parasites

Many patients mistakenly believe that a single analysis for parasites (feces or swab the perianal region), which showed a negative result — the guarantee of the absence of parasites in the body. However, in reality it is not so, and this result does not mean anything. First, parasites can be extraintestinal living in other organs and tissues, and then their eggs or larvae just don't fall into the feces.

Secondly, at the time of sampling for parasites may account for such a period of life of the parasite when it is still or no longer lays eggs. And third, there is a risk of violation of the conditions for the analysis and, therefore, the eggs just don't find in the sample that was provided.

Therefore, if we talk about intestinal worms, when assigned to analysis for parasites, feces surrender three times with a certain interval to confirm the presence or absence of parasites. Only this method with a probability of 90% may indicate the acceptance or rejection of the diagnosis.

More revealing in this respect, the analysis of parasites taken from the vein, with the detection of antibodies to the different worms. If the body is in contact with the parasite more recently, there will be antibodies of class M to him by which to identify the causative agent. The prolonged presence of the parasite will also antibodies of other classes.